Can’t Be Bothered With The Car Wash? Here Are 4 Reasons That WILL Change Your Mind


Are you one of these people that doesn’t really care about the state of your car? If so, then it might be time to smarten up your act. There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to keep your vehicle clean. We guarantee this post will change your mind – check it out!

dirty car

It Will Impress Others

You’ve spent all that money on a gorgeous pair of wheels, yet you let them get mucky every week and do nothing about it. Why?! Your car deserves a full car wash service because it is entitled to look as great as the manufacturer intended it to be. A gleaming, clean bonnet is sure to look far more attractive sat on your front driveway in comparison to a rusty, muddy banger. Use your common sense. Just as people judge others by their choice of footwear, many do similar about the state of their cars. We’re not just talking about exteriors either, your interior should be immaculate, too.

Your Car Is Far Less Likely To Get Hit

It makes sense, if you really think about it. If you’re stuck in a tight parking space along a side street, then you’re much more likely to fear hitting the crystal clean car parked behind you. Especially more so than the dirty, old one in front of you. You’ll know if you’ve had accidents in the past, that a bumped car is not exactly anybody’s idea of fun. Therefore, be sure to limit the chances of this happening to you by keeping your car presentable and clean. It will certainly make people treat it a lot better! Nobody can write rude remarks on the back of your car if there’s no dirt to do it with.

Your Next Date Will Be More Successful

Women are very scrupulous in their analysis of a man on a first date. So, if you’re seeing somebody at the moment, or you’ve got that big date this Friday, then sort the state of your car out. Get down to the cash wash and have your baby cleaned. It could do you the world of good when you go and pick up your hot date on Friday night. She’s bound to be impressed if your car is well aired, shiny and not littered with your personal rubbish. See to it, today!

You’ll Be Able To Sell Your Car On For More

The resale value of your car will be dramatically boosted by keeping it clean. Those drivers who ensure that they get their cars washed each week or so are much less likely to experience problems with their vehicle, too. Dirt or debris can make its way through your front grill and into the engine. Here, it can cause serious damage, or even stop parts of your car working. Keeping your car clean is just one way that you can make it feel brand new. Plus, if it looks brand new, then it’s going to command far more when you’re selling up.

Hopefully, this post has swayed you to the clean side. Now, you’ll be dashing to the nearest car wash to sort your act out and getting your car looking pristine again. You’re welcome!