Your Car Can Really Complicate Your Big Move

Your Car Can Really Complicate Your Big Move

Moving to a new house is stressful. It’s ranked amongst the most stressful of all life’s events in several polls, inducing more panic than even the breakup of a relationship. You would think that something on wheels would be the least of your worries when making that move, but the truth is that a car can cause a lot more stress than it can cure. Let’s look at how your car can get very much in the way and what you can do about it.

Your Car Can Really Complicate Your Big Move

It can bring a lot of unexpected issues

You might, like many, choose to drive the car yourself the new home. However, if you’re moving a long distance, you could be inviting fate a little too much. Make sure both you and the car are ready for a long journey. Plan your route in advance or follow the removal vans you might be using to avoid getting delayed by a wrong turn. Make sure your car is in fit state with a full service before taking on the road and keep the backups you need, including a spare tire and even a spare generator if it’s a trip that’s likely to last more than a day

It can get in the way of logistics

The truth is that driving it yourself isn’t always the most convenient of options available, either. If you have two cars, it can get even more unwieldy. If you need to focus on the logistics of the move or you would have a much more convenient time flying to your new home rather than driving all the way, then having it shipped in bulk or container could free you up to focus on the move, not the drive. Click here for more information on the specific benefits and downsides of the different car transport methods. If you do choose to have it transported, then make sure you do it well in advance, so you can time it with the move and any removalist services you might have hired.

Should you take it in the first place?

If it’s a really long-distance move and it’s an older car, it really is worth asking whether or not it’s time to sell the car. Look here for advice on signs it might be time to turn it in. Selling a car can be just as much fun (none at all) as moving home, so you don’t want to do it too close to the actual moving day. But it is worth seriously considering whether or not you should move the car or just get rid of the hassle entirely and buy a new one when you arrive at your new home.

As with all your moving plans, the best advice is to figure out your answer well in advance. Whether you’re driving it yourself, having it moved, or even opting to use the opportunity to trade it in, don’t leave the big choice until a week before moving day. Get the wheels in motion now.