Revealed: Big Mistakes You Will Make Buying A New Car

buying a used vehicle

Buying a new car is a big commitment. It’s certainly a great expense and while we wouldn’t say selling a car is as hard as selling a house, it’s not exactly easy. That means you’re stuck if you make a bad decision. Car experts agree that buyers of new vehicles often fall into a number of traps. We’ve got them here so when it’s your time to buy you can avoid them completely.

buying a used vehicle

They Don’t Research The Market

There are two reasons why you should research the market buying a new car. While you might think that you know exactly what you want, there might be better things on offer. As well as this, you could be missing out on a far more attractive deal. It isn’t uncommon for someone to see a car on sale by the side of the road and immediately fall in love with it. But aside from the many possible problems with this, there is one that is guaranteed to be there. If you haven’t researched the market, you won’t know how much that car should be selling for. You can get ripped off completely. This is one of the reasons why it is wise to go through a respectable dealer. If you’re interested in this option, get in touch with Autoworld. They are owned by Renault so you can be assured an above the board service.

Buy Before You Drive

You will be amazed how many customers buy a car before they have driven it, or even seen it in person. This usually occurs through a site like Ebay. Please be aware that if you do buy a car off Ebay without seeing it, you have no legal legs to stand on. You will be completely reliant on the seller being fair and just. As well as this, it’s impossible to know if there is a problem with a car without driving it. You can look at the engine all you want, but unless you take it out on the roads, you won’t know for sure. You need to be particularly aware of this when buying a used vehicle.

Forgetting The Haggle

Don’t forget that when you buy a car, an advertised price probably isn’t what you’re going to pay. There is always the chance to knock a couple hundred off the asking price. As well as this, you can commonly get some extras included in the price, particularly when buying from a big dealer. This might be heated seats, different interior or a satnav system. It all depends on how well you can bargain. But we certainly recommend you give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Misunderstanding Hybrids

Finally, we do need to mention the common misconception about hybrid cars. There are lots of good reasons for buying a hybrid car. But don’t automatically think you will be using less fuel and saving the environment. Firstly hybrid cars do have a petrol engine and secondly energy providers say people need to cut back on electric usage. So, to save money, hybrids are a great idea. But to save the world, not so much.
We hope you find this advice useful and have fun driving your new car.