Like A Cat Out Of Hell

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Meatloaf got the words to his song all wrong.  If you intend on leaving your mark as you screech forward from the gates of hell, it isn’t a tiny little bat you want to be doing that with, it’s a 707-HP SUPERCHARGED 6.2 L HEMI® SRT Hellcat.  We’ll just call it Hellcat to save all the trademarking and detail.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Handing over $65,000 isn’t the most badass way of harnessing the awesome power of this little demonic wild cat though.  For real crazy attitude you want to look at some of the custom built classics which have been revamped and powered using this super high horsepower engine.

One of the most insane versions we have come across is this feral creature, using the front end of what looks like a dodge ram, this Hellcat was built on home soil then shipped to Iraq! According to our sources the son of a wealthy business owner wanted to get in with the street racing scene in Baghdad.  Apparently the Fast and Furious have got under the skin of the Iraqis too! We take our hats off to whichever exotic car transport team shipped this Hellcat!

Back on home soil and renowned for his eloquent use of our language, Richard Rawlings introduced us to the ‘Shart Cat’ essentially a race prepared 1967 Dodge Dart given the Hellcat upgrade.  The Gas Monkey team tipped up to the Detroit Roadkill Nights wanting to take on another Hemi upgraded beast, Roadkill’s General Mayhem a ‘67 dodge charger powered, not only, by the Hellcat but also a little nitrus just for good measure.  Gas Monkey stonked it and beat the Mayhem in a head to head drag but the General earned the most respect due to the fact it wasn’t a race prepped vehicle.

Ok, so dropping in a beast of an engine like the Hemi isn’t going to be cheap.  It won’t be $65k though and will be cooler than a tamer version of the Charger.  It also isn’t going to be easy.  Whilst it is a project you could take on yourself there are so many other factors to consider, in some cases, how on earth are you going to make room for the thing?  Not all cars were built with a 707 hp V8 engine in mind.  You will need improved braking, better suspension the list goes on.  However you will have a truly bad ass auto on your hands.

We think the Plymouth ‘Cuda is an American muscle hero that is crying out for a little Hellcat purr.  Already legendary status of it’s own but imagine it with even more power? Or for a seriously bold statement, how about dropping in a little supercharged beef to the AMC Gremlin?

Think big, think bold and think crazy, I mean that’s what the guys at Chrysler did when they designed this thing and, according to our sources the SRT Demon is going to make the Hellcat look like a Hellkitten.  So keep your eyes on this space and get ready for the arrival of Lucifer.