How to Pay for CarReg – NumberPlates with Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency can be argued as the future of online payment. Many tech companies such as Tesla are now investing in Bitcoin, which is a type of cryptocurrency.

Many individuals involved in new technology have hailed cryptocurrency as the future of online payments. Many businesses are now also investing in cryptocurrency because the transactions are fast and secure. One such company is CarReg, which now allows you to pay for private number plates via cryptocurrency.

How can You Pay with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency payment requires the use of gateways. These gateways allow businesses to accept the transactions of cryptocurrency. Customers can then get goods or services and pay via cryptocurrency. Nowadays, there are many cryptocurrency payment apps available to make playing much more straightforward.

Paying with cryptocurrency is extremely easy nowadays. It can be shortened into three simple steps.

Let us take an example using Bitcoin; however, these steps work for all cryptocurrencies.

  1. The first step is to choose your Bitcoin wallet. Before you pay with cryptocurrency, you must have a wallet where you can store all your currency. This will be your bank account for cryptocurrency. There are plenty of free wallets available on the Internet on mobile and desktop.

  2. The next step is actually to buy Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is obtained by using real currency. Each cryptocurrency has its exchange rates; the same applies to Bitcoin. There are many exchange services, so it is essential to do your research and find the best bang for your buck. Bitcoin can be purchased with a credit card or bank account; all you need is your wallet address.

  3. After you buy Bitcoin and have your wallet, you can now play with it. If the online merchant can pay using Bitcoin, all you have to do is copy their address and paste it into your wallet. The transaction should be completed within just a few seconds.

Purchasing at CarReg with Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency is getting popular, companies are now offering customers to pay with cryptocurrency. CarReg, following this trend, is now also accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option.

CarReg is accepting two types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The option to pay via cryptocurrency will only be available for those purchases having a value of over 2,000 pounds.

CarReg allows customers to buy personalized number plates with whatever mode of payment they desire, whether by cash, credit, debit, or even cryptocurrency.

The company has stated that they plan on accepting more types of cryptocurrencies on less valuable plates in the future. CarReg is the first UK-based number plate company that takes cryptocurrency, and the future looks bright for avid fans of cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly going to keep growing in the upcoming times; with its gaining popularity, more and more companies will invest in cryptocurrency and allow sales to be purchased via cryptocurrency. CarReg is serving as a model for companies to enable purchases via cryptocurrency and will undoubtedly increase sales.