How Dealers Use Technology To Sell More Cars


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your local car dealership? As with all modern businesses, much of what happens to entice customers to buy is driven by technology these days. We thought we would take this opportunity to show you how auto dealers are using cutting edge tech to drives sales. Let’s take a closer look.


Social media

Everyone seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media these days. Think about how long you spend on Facebook, Twitter, or the visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram. And, all of these platforms lend themselves well to marketing for auto business. People like to see cars, so are great for showing off on the more visual platforms. Facebook and Instagram are great for spreading the word about new deals. If you are a car dealer and have yet to investigate social media, do so. It might help you get ahead of the local competition.

Cheap, quality videos

Modern camcorders have come a long way in recent years. It means that making high-quality videos isn’t as expensive as it once was. You can even create HD movies with a simple smartphone. It’s a useful tool for spreading the word about a new car or a new deal. And, of course, it can help dealers get sales from people that aren’t typical customers. A quick virtual tour around a vehicle and the showroom can garner interest from anywhere in the country. It all adds up to make healthier profits, in what is a highly competitive industry.

Customer Service

Car dealers are also using technology to improve their customer service. We’ve already mentioned social media, which can be a great platform for connecting with clients. But, there are also things like dealership CRM software to consider. These can keep track of every sale, and prompt dealers to send out service reminders, for example. In short, it helps them provide an ongoing relationship for many years.

Big data

There are enormous amounts of customer data online that dealers can access. And, it can all help them provide a better service to their clients. For example, they can spot trends for particular cars that are popular in the area. Or, they can use it to find out if they are underperforming in certain areas. Let’s say that men over 50 buy 50% of all cars, but the dealer only sells 25% of their cars to men in that age bracket. It might be a clear sign they are underperforming, assuming the town is in line with average demographics.

Off the shelf shopping

In days gone by, the only way to buy a car from a dealer was to turn up at the lot and see what they had in stock. These days, however, customers can click a button from the comfort of their home to reserve it. They will have a set period when they can come in and take it for a test drive. It means more options for the customer, and another source of sales for the dealer. Everyone’s a winner!

So, there you have it. As you can see, technology is playing an enormous role in the car dealership trade. Who knows what will come along next?