ZAP And Jonway Auto Launches New E-3D SUV

New E-3D SUV

ZAP and Jonway Auto launches its new model E-3D SUV at its EV product launch dealership meeting held recently with its network of over 50 dealerships nationwide in China.

New E-3D SUV

The new E-3D SUV model has been designed specifically to address China’s dense metro city’s EV demands in the face of regulations enforced by the government to limit gasoline vehicle licenses for the densely populated cities. Jonway Auto’s network of nationwide dealers has been pushing for this cost competitive EV SUV to deliver to the market.  Additional new regulations are being put in place to levy penalties to auto manufacturers and dealers based on averaged gasoline consumption of all the vehicles sold per year, driving the overall market to seek and promote EV product sales.

The E-3D SUV is an all-electric 3 door SUV that accommodates 4 passengers.  The model had undergone and passed European crash tests, and ZAP is currently exploring dealership partners to complete the EV type approval for the European overseas market.  Potentially in the future, this E-3D SUV competitively priced would also be suitable for the US market after type approval and certification in the US.

The E-3D SUV comes in lithium battery version with range of over 200km or 125 miles, and achieves a top speed of 140km per hour or over 85 miles per hour.  The lithium version is eligible for China’s central and local government rebates of approximately US$10,000.