Porsche Shows Off The New 911 Undergoing Testing

2019 Porsche

The long-awaited debut of the new 992 generation Porsche 911 is just weeks away, as we’ve read earlier: The 992 is expected to be presented at the Los Angeles International Auto Show at the end of this month. Porsche says European 992 sales will begin in early 2019, with other markets to follow. We’ve also seen the new 911 in numerous spy shots, almost completely free of any disguise, and now Porsche has released this media set of the 992 undergoing testing all willy-nilly.

2019 Porsche

For the 992 to stand up to the outgoing generation and its predecessors, as well as offerings from competing automakers, the car must undertake endless tests and procedures in both freezing cold and boiling heat. Like Porsche says, the car’s interior must weather temperatures of both 50 degrees Celsius in Death Valley and the Middle East, as well as horribly freezing temperatures of -35 degrees Celsius in the Finnish Lapland.

The 992 must perform reliably in countries that have subpar fuel and terrible roads — not all Porsches are pampered throughout their lifetime. Porsche says the test cars will have completed a total test run of 3 million kilometers when they have served their purpose, and part of that is, of course, testing at the legendary Nürburgring, where many 911 customers will undoubtedly take their new pride and joy.

Earlier spy shots have uncovered the new generation car piece by piece, lately showing us even the rear diffusor. In the gallery released by Porsche, it looks like the part of the car that will be revealed last is the tail light cluster — these images have the ends of the full-width taillight strip still taped up. Even the base models of the 992 will come with a comparatively wide body.