Nismo’s Going Rogue At Tokyo Tuner Show

Nissan at 2016

With the Tokyo Auto Salon looming large on the horizon, Nissan is preparing a whole raft of customized creations. Some of them are based on models we get here in the United States, some on models we can only admire from afar. But the one that’s caught our attention is the performance-tuned crossover you see here.

Nissan at 2016

The Nismo performance division has applied a unique performance package to the vehicle known here in the US as the Rogue and overseas as the X-Trail. Details are few and far between, but the package bears all the telltale signs of a Nismo model – including upgraded aero and rolling stock with red trim on white bodywork. Throw in a more potent powertrain than the 2.5-liter inline four rated at 170 horsepower and the CVT it’s mated to in the Rogue and we’d be suitably intrigued. Especially if this is what a Rogue Nismo would look like, because the Nismo versions of the GT-R, 370Z, and Juke that we already get here could use a big brother – but maybe not one as big as the Nismo Patrol recently unveiled in Dubai.

Nismo has also applied a similar treatment to the Versa Note and to the JDM-spec Serena minivan, which is a far more upright and boxier affair than the Quest we get here. Joining the Nismo lineup are a trio of hatchbacks – including the Micra/March, (Versa) Note, and Juke – done up by French designer Lolita Lempicka with black roofs contrasting with their white bodywork. There’s a more subdued take on the X-Trail/Rogue, an aero kit for the Leaf, a modified Sentra (sold in Japan as the Sylphy) as well as customized versions of JDM models like the Dayz city car and Elgrand van. And just for good measure, Nissan’s also bringing along the GT-R Nismo with the N Attack package and its Super GT-spec racing counterpart as well.