New Front Fascia, Seats Coming To Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Ever since the Model S debuted, Tesla has been improving the vehicle with things like bigger battery packs, quicker acceleration, and Autopilot.

Tesla Model S

According to CNET, we might see a slightly bigger update in the near future: a tweaked front fascia that will make the S look more like theModel X or the new Model 3. The luxury electric vehicle will get improved seats (with a cooling option, like the ones in the X), new LED headlights, and more paint options. Perhaps most exciting, these new updates could be officially revealed next week. Least exciting? All of this might come with a price increase, as we’ve heard before.

One update that CNET‘s sources didn’t talk about is the rumored P100D option. If this one is true, then a Model S (and maybe an X) with a 100-kWh battery pack will be coming as well. Tesla, of course, won’t talk about future products, and gave CNET this statement:

In other words, Tesla is saying that it might do all those things, but you’ll just have to wait and find out. Also, you should just order your S now.