Infiniti Q Inspiration Inspires Electrified Vehicle Platform

Infiniti Q

This year’s Detroit Auto Show was a bit light on forward-looking concepts, so the Infiniti Q Inspiration was a highlight, what with it’s gorgeous curves and elegant interior. And lucky for us, Infiniti has decided to bring the lovely sedan to production. It will have a substantial difference to the concept, though …

Infiniti Q

The concept version used the variable-compression turbocharged four-cylinder from the QX50, which was a bit of a surprise considering the car’s grille was nearly filled in. The production Q Inspiration will eschew the purely internal combustion engine for an electrified powertrain. Infiniti hasn’t given any details, but that wording seems to indicate that it will be some kind of hybrid, or — less likely — an EV.

Supporting the hybrid theory is the fact that Infiniti plans on putting this new sedan into production within five years. Infiniti has previously announced that its first full EV will launch in 2021, which is just three years out. That being said, we wouldn’t preclude the possibility of a full EV Q Inspiration later on, or even a plain internal-combustion model, since the idea behind the original concept was that it could support multiple powertrains.

Besides being another vehicle to help Infiniti reach its electrified vehicle sales goals for 2025, it will also be built in China. “We very much had China in mind when designing the Q Inspiration,” said Infiniti Chairman and Global President Roland Krueger.” Four more Infiniti models will also be built in China following this sedan.