2020 Honda Accord: What To Expect From The Class-Leading Midsize Sedan

2020 Honda Accord

The compelling Honda Accord came close to becoming the 2018 MotorTrend Car of the Year. The three-time comparison-winning Alfa Romeo Giulia was our deserving winner, but the Accord and Kia Stinger also earned first-place votes from judges. With the 2020 Honda Accord’s arrival right around the corner, we started to wonder how the midsize sedan will fight back against a Toyota Camry that now offers Apple CarPlay as well as a newly redesigned Hyundai Sonata that looks especially promising.

2020 Honda Accord

Although Honda wouldn’t comment for this story, here’s how we’d like Honda to update the already solid Accord and, toward the bottom, what we think Honda will actually change for the 2020 model year.

Tone Down the Belt-Buckle Badge

If I bought an Accord, the first dealer-installed accessory I’d consider is a more subdued black chrome grille instead of the regular overchromed design. When we compared a base-engine Accord and Camry, we found neither front end stylish, and described the former as having a “brash, massive belt-buckle Honda badge [leaving] no question of its provenance.”

Looking even deeper into the crystal ball, we expect minor visual updates for the 2021 Honda Accord, along with a few other changes as part of a mid-cycle refresh.

The 2018 Accord knocked out the 2018 Camry in two comparison tests, but we still noticed more road and tire noise with the Honda than we would have liked, despite the current-gen model’s many quieting efforts including acoustic spray foam in the pillars and noise-absorbing carpet. Even though the Accord is already a refined package overall, we’d love to see Honda redouble its efforts to make the Accord quieter, but only if the required R&D won’t balloon the price.

Hold Me Tighter

Have you seen the Accord Sport? Like other midsize sedans with 19-inch wheels, it looks way flashier than some would expect from a sensible midsize sedan. And although we appreciate the Sport’s affordable curb appeal, two available engines, and even an optional manual transmission, thicker side bolstering on the seats would be a nice touch.