Auto Body Shops: Why They Are Set To Thrive In 2016


If an auto sustains some body damage, the natural option is to take it to a body shop. There, a team of experts will work their magic and make your car look as it did when it was new! They have the tools and expertise to deal with vehicle body damage of any size.


From small dents to major front-end damage, they can fix them all. You would think that many people would opt for DIY solutions to fix auto body dents. But, the body shop industry is experiencing record growth. And it’s a trend that’s set to continue in 2016 and beyond.

So, why is the industry set to thrive in 2016?  This fascinating insight will fill you in:

Body shops are more customer-focused

There was a time where body shops seldom dealt with members of the public. Instead, they would usually only work with people in the auto industry. Nowadays, car owners have more freedom to choose who works on their vehicles.

The same applies to auto body repair work too. The body shops that are growing tend to be the ones that cater to individuals too. They realize that not catering for people outside the industry limits their revenue. In such economic trading conditions, it’s crucial for a body shop to evolve. Otherwise, they face bankruptcy.

There are more vehicles on the road

Thanks to an ever-increasing population, there are more autos on the road these days. That means the risk of accidental damage is higher with more people fighting for the same piece of road! As you can imagine, when there are more auto accidents, body shops have more work to do.

It’s a trend that is set to continue well into the future. While that may not be good news for environmentalists, it’s welcome news for body shops.

Stronger links with local car dealers

It’s no secret that car dealers don’t have the expertise or equipment to repair body damage. Instead, they find it easier (and cheaper) to outsource those needs to a body shop.

Today’s vehicle restoration experts forge strong links with local dealerships. If a customer asks a dealer to repair some vehicle damage, they can have their appointed body shop do the work. That gives body shops more business, and dealers can spend more time selling cars.

Innovating repair systems mean cheaper prices

Many people hate the thought of spending three or four-figure sums to have some body work done on their cars. Nowadays, car enthusiasts don’t have to worry about such issues. Why? Because the body repair industry is technology-focused.

They use many exciting and innovative repair techniques for issues like dents and scrapes. That means the time spent repairing a vehicle is less. The resulting cost to the customer is also lower.

They utilize social media

Last, but not least, more body shops are harnessing the power of social media. It gives them the perfect platform to showcase their work to both new and existing customers. Facebook and Twitter, for example, allow users to upload photos and videos.

Body shops can use those features to their advantage. After all; it gives them the opportunity to prove just how good they are.