Toyota: Put Your Hands Together for the New Prius!

Toyota Prius

2016 will see the release of the brand new Toyota Prius. The Prius has become something of an institution these days. It is considered to be one of the cleanest cars on the market, and it remains one of Toyota’s biggest sellers. There could be many factors contributing to the enduring success of the Prius, most notably its style and reliability.

Toyota Prius

The brand new 2016 Prius has recently emerged on the scene at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was a great opportunity to Toyota to unveil their newest addition to the Prius range. It is available to buy now, and customers should expect to receive their cars by March of 2016.

So, how does the new Prius measure up, and what does it have on offer? Let’s take a look at the car and try to figure out why it seems destined for success.


One of the first things you need to understand about the new Prius is that it’s a hybrid car. In recent years, we’ve seen many electric cars start to get replaced with hybrids. See, the benefit of hybrid models is they allow manufacturers to combine their own designs with a greener ethos. And this looks set to define the future of eco-friendly driving. A lot of people these days are becoming much more environmentally conscious. And that’s why the new Prius hybrid is so important. You can pick up your new Toyota at RRG safe in the knowledge you’ll be getting a car that’s eco-friendly and also looks great.


When looking at the new Prius, one of the first things you’ll be drawn to is the design of the vehicle. It has undergone something of a makeover from the previous incarnation. It has been built and designed using Toyota’s new precedent-setting TNGA platform. This provides a low centre of gravity and more rigid bodywork. The car has been made much more aerodynamic as a result. It looks sleek and sophisticated and is certainly a car that’s going to turn heads when you pull up in it. The new-look Prius provides a great platform for change and evolution for future models and manages to look as good as it has ever done.


Of course, when reviewing a car it’s always essential to look at how the vehicle is on the road. And this is another area in which the Prius excels. As you would expect, the car is highly energy-efficient in addition to a 1.8-litre engine and electric motor. The Prius packs the power necessary for driving in the big cities. And in many ways it’s a much more fun drive than its predecessors. It’s always important to have a car that is exciting and pleasant to drive. This can go a long way towards defining how much you appreciate the vehicle. The new Prius should prove a much more enjoyable ride than you’re used to.

Overall, there are quite a few changes to the new Prius, and it looks set to be a game-changer for Toyota. It also ushers in a shift in focus towards hybrid cars that may well set a precedent for the future. At a more upmarket starting price of around £25,000 the evolution of the Prius is one that we should all watch with keen interest.