Hyundai Launches Pure-Electric Car Sharing In Amsterdam

Ioniq Electric

Hyundai Motor has launched its first pure-electric car sharing service in metropolitan Amsterdam. With the supply of 100 IONIQ Electric vehicles Hyundai widely expands the offer for citizens and visitors to Amsterdam to drive completely emission-free.

Ioniq Electric

Based on the free floating concept, customers of ”IONIQ car sharing” can collect and return their vehicle anywhere in Amsterdam and its surroundings. In line with its global sustainability strategy for a cleaner future, Hyundai Motor helps to improve air quality in the Dutch capital by making zero-emission driving easily accessible.

The Dutch environment with no mountains, mild climate, short distances to cover and slow speeds offer the perfect driving conditions for the use of alternative powertrains. Therefore, the Hyundai IONIQ Electric offers an outstanding range of 280 km on a single charge, the longest currently offered on the European market by a pure-electric car sharing provider.

Thanks to the free floating principle customers have the option to travel all over the Netherlands. Amsterdam-Rotterdam (a one-way distance of 80 km), Amsterdam-Nijmegen (120 km) or Amsterdam-Eindhoven (125 km) are all round trip distances that can be covered on a single charge. No matter where customers drive to, the only precondition is that the car must be returned in Amsterdam.

To improve the overall customer experience Hyundai offers full-digital business services. The registration for the car sharing service takes only a few minutes and can be submitted via or right in front of the car and ahead of the first with car via the IONIQ car sharing app available via Apple or GooglePlay store Personal data, payment information and a scanned driver’s license can be sent through the regular digital channels.

Vehicle-to-vehicle charging service on demand

Additionally, a mobile fast charger, installed in the boot of an IONIQ Electric vehicle, will serve the fleet of 100 IONIQ Electric vehicles on demand. With the vehicle-to-vehicle charger Hyundai Motor delivers an on-demand independent charging infrastructure serving the needs of progressive urban customers. With a maximum power output of 22 kW the vehicle-to-vehicle charger provides unlimited mobility in line with Hyundai Motor’s global sustainability strategy and its commitment to a cleaner future.

The Hyundai IONIQ Electric is part of the IONIQ line-up consisting of three different models. Hyundai Motor is the first car manufacturer to offer an electric, a hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain in one single body type. Since entering the market a year ago Hyundai Motor has sold more than 15,000 units of the IONIQ range.