How To Effectively Market Your Car Dealership Locally

Car Dealership

The modern consumer has infinite options when considering where to buy a car. Nowadays, owning a car dealership involves much more than running a business and selling cars. Dealership owners need to be able to market themselves, so the customer knows to go to your dealership – and not the other guys – for their next vehicle. Marketing your dealership is best way to attract new customers. Of course, you should implement proven marketing strategies that will give you an edge over the local competition.Here are several things to consider when marketing your automobile dealership.

Car Dealership

Create A Strong Online Presence

Nowadays, when customers want to explore a new place or leave a review, where do they go first? You guessed it – the internet. Yelp, Facebook, DealerRater,and even YouTube allow customers to express their experience with your business. This gives you valuable feedback and social proof online, but it also opens you up to public scrutiny. It’s important to stay on top of your dealership’s online marketing and local SEO. This can be done by replying to reviews (positive and negative), celebrating an “Employee of the Month” regularly, or posting pictures to promote a specific automobile.If your website is up-to-date and attractive, customers will be more drawn to get to your dealership in person.  The key is for your online presence to be inviting, not pushy.

Develop Unique Advertisements

Besides the internet, you can reach potential customers through advertisements. Whether you want to give your dealership more of an exciting, youthful vibe or a reliable, solid reputation, your marketing should reflect that brand. Billboards,magazine articles, radio and television commercials are great methods to expand your market. When developing these advertisements, you should consider the type of experience you want your customers to have. For example, this Kansas City Buick Dealer offers “a 60-day warranty and a 3-day buy back guarantee.” You need to think about what your dealership offers. What makes your dealership unique? What word or phrase do you want the customer to use to describe your dealership? Portraying a specific message will help your dealership stand out and leave an impression on the consumer.

Answer Your Phones Consistently

As small as it sounds, picking up your phone is very important to retaining and attracting business. While a customer may want to take their time in the car-buying process, they are typically looking for a quick answer or introduction via phone call. If customers feel like they are being prioritized over the phone, they will be more inclined to come in. Additionally, you should be prepared to give the customer all the information they need. If they can’t get it from a quick phone call, they are likely to move on to another dealership. It’s important to be welcoming and well-informed. The bottom line: make sure to pick up the phone, answer their questions, and confirm an appointment.

Consider A Customer Relationship Manager

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software can help you manage your dealership’s online marketing. CRM’s helps keep you organized and in-touch with clients. You can personalize the software based on a customer’s interests, follow-up with potential leads and maintain your relationship over time. CRM’s havebecome standard in the automobile industry. Before you commit to one CRM, research your options and consider your dealership’s specific needs.

Throw Dealership Events

The look and organization of your dealership tells customers a lot about your business. Many potential car buyers will judge your dealership based on it’s appearance. If you have an unorganized lot, it will deter potential customers. On the other hand, you can throw dealership events that welcome people in. When they see balloons, tents and signs, they will get the impression that you have a very active dealership. They will be much more likely to stop by and explore their interest in a vehicle. Throwing events at the dealership is a highly effective marketing strategy.

Whatever marketing strategy you decide on, remember that you want to leave customers with an open invitation to come by your dealership. Marketing is all about exposure. You should have a strong online presence that legitimizes your dealership. Secondly, advertise the attributes that make your dealership stand out from the crowd. Pay attention to your marketing through customer service and appearance. These factors can all help your overall marketing efforts.With these dealership marketing strategies, you can spread the word locally about your deals, offers and events.