The Underestimated Injuries of Car Accidents


A lot of us have been in a car accident. It may not have been a severe one, but it was enough to give us some serious food for thought. Injuries are common in car accidents, but they don’t always feel or sound that serious.


Of course, people have always had a tendency to underestimate injuries. Even after car accidents, they may not give them much thought. Here are some common problems that occur due to car crashes that you shouldn’t ignore.

Knocks to the head

Yes, I know that “knocks to the head” isn’t a very medical way of putting it. But this is so common in car accidents, and it can result in a lot of things that do have worrying medical names. If you’ve hit your head during a car accident, you need to take extra care to get yourself checked out.

You may not even have any physical signs of trauma, things like bruises or cuts. You may not even feel any pain. But your brain has probably been knocked about a bit inside your skull. If you start getting headaches, don’t just think to yourself “That makes sense because I hit my head”. Get it looked into as a priority. You may be tempted to take some painkillers and try to sleep it off, but something could be seriously wrong.


When people think of car accidents, they often think of whiplash. But a lot of people don’t quite understand what whiplash actually is. Many see it as simple neck pain. Neck pain is very common in car accidents, due to the weight of your head straining your neck as it suddenly shifts form one position to another. But whiplash refers to a much more specific – and underestimated – medical problem.

You may not feel the effects of whiplash through the first day or two following the accident. But symptoms will start to creep in eventually. Neck pain and a lot of stiffness will take place. Again, a lot of people will experience this from a car accident anyway. But headaches and lower back pain also start to develop. Dizziness and fatigue will also take place. Whiplash doesn’t just refer to neck pain – it refers to the damage of ligaments, muscles, and nerves. It’s one of the most common reasons people contact injury attorneys like David & Philpot, P.L..

Psychological problems

This is an area that people have been notoriously uneager to talk about. People think of severe mental illness when the phrase “psychological problems” comes up. But psychological problems aren’t always so severe. Nevertheless, they can be serious problems that should be looked into. The problem is that people tend to think only of the physical injuries incurred in a car accident.

Even when the car accident isn’t severe, psychological problems can develop. You may find yourself unable to sleep, or your sleep may often feel disturbed. Your stress levels may increase a lot in the weeks following an accident. You may lose the confidence needed to ever get behind the wheel again. If this sounds like a mild form of PTSD, that’s because it is. Talk to your doctor about it if you’re worried.