Sirens, Flashing Lights And Pullovers

Tackling drink driving

‘This is the police – please pull over now!’ Can you picture the scene? You are driving along, minding your business, when a stream of blue fills the rear-view mirror. Next, the sirens wail and a cop car appears out of nowhere looking menacing. No driver likes to imagine the scenario, but it is one that turns into a reality for lots of people, even if they are doing nothing wrong. To get through the situation, it’s essential to act in the proper manner. For those of you that don’t know how, here are some tips that will help.

Tackling drink driving

Hit The Curb

Before imagining your defense and how you are going to act, you have to pull over. Anyone that doesn’t slow down and come to a stop is in danger. For starters, the police might think you are trying to make a getaway and pursue the vehicle. And, any hesitation might affect the way they talk to you during the procedure. There is no need not to comply, which is why you should do it in a quick and timely manner. Once the police want to talk, they won’t do it while the car is in motion.

Do As They Say

There is a time and a place for a response, and it isn’t as soon as possible. The police officers want to ensure they are safe before they deal with you, which means they will take precautions. Always allow them the courtesy by listening to their orders and following them to the letter. If they say ‘sir, stay in the car,’ you should remain in the car. Disobeying a simple instruction will only make things worse, and you want everything to run smoothly.

Be Firm But Fair

Officers understand that they have a certain amount of power, and they will attempt to use this power. The thing is they won’t always do it by the book. Plenty of searches happen when they shouldn’t because officers take liberties and drivers don’t know the law. It’s useful to understand things such as the police can’t look in the trunk of the car or glove compartment if they are locked. To do so, they need a warrant or consent or a genuine reason to act. As a result, don’t act out of character or look shady. Also, stand tall when they ask questions. Disagreeing with a police officer isn’t the best move, but it isn’t illegal.

Talk To A Lawyer

Simple traffic stops don’t need a lawyer at the scene. There is no point contesting a ticket with the officer as you can do it at a later date, so there is no need for a lawyer. If the situation escalates, it’s a good idea to ask for legal help. There is no telling what will happen next, so it’s prudent to have a professional by your side. A tip: choose the lawyer by the nature of the incident. A car accident lawyer is the best bet if you have been in an accident, whereas a DUI lawyer is better if you have been drinking. Horses for courses.

Cross your fingers that it never happens. If it does, stay calm and remember these tips.