Keeping Your Family Safe While On The Road

a family at the car

It’s at the forefront of the any parent’s mind, the safety of their children. As a driver and a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your family are safe when transporting them from A to B. If you are looking to start a family and you don’t know where to start or what to look for, have a peek at this guide to give you some pointers.

a family at the car

Gas Consumption

You will need to think more economically now, especially when it comes to running the kids to school. So, thinking about your miles per gallon and engine size versus the amount of miles you may cover in a given time will give you an idea of what to look for.


One of the main things when it comes to purchasing a family friendly vehicle, is the amount of space you need. You need to think about this in relation to your family intentions, do you plan on having a large family or just the one child? If one is plenty, then you won’t need to think about upgrading to a much bigger vehicle, but think about leg room in the back seat and if it will be enough.

Safety Features

Making your car safe will save you a call to Ankin Law Office. So, if looking to keep the family safe, in addition to the compulsory seat belts, think about car seats.

When it comes to installing car seats for children, in new models it is compulsory to obtain an LATCH seat or base, making the seat more secure. But that does depend on if you wish to purchase brand new or go for used models.

Trunk Space

With the amount of groceries you will be putting in the trunk as well as the stroller, you are going to need something with lots of room so you don’t end up playing tetris with your items. You need to think about long journeys and are you planning on many overnight stays with your newborn? Look at hatchbacks, they have more space than most vehicles.


Cars are equipped with bluetooth as well as music players and power sockets, so you can keep the kids entertained on long journeys by plugging in their tablet or games system. Newer models have satellite navigation systems built in, so that extra stress of the journey is reduced.


While you had plenty of money to pay tax for your small engine before your child came along, you now need to save money where you can! The more powerful the car, the more the cost of the insurance. So, think on.

What to look for when getting a car that is safe can be a headache, but ultimately it’s the safety of your family that is a priority. When looking at new or used vehicles it is always something that should take precedence over anything else. Becoming a parent is a wonderful and sometimes difficult journey, so get a car that makes that journey a bit easier.