How To Buy A Classic Car Without Spending A Fortune

Classic Car

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to us that you are interested in classic cars. Anybody with an interest in engines and four wheels is going to have an ideal vehicle they have always wanted.

Classic Car

Maybe it was a classy 60s car from an old film you saw when you were young. Perhaps it was seeing an old Chevy driving down your road once. Whatever your reason, if you are a car lover, you will always have a classic in mind.

Well, perhaps it’s time to buy one. And, if you are ready for it, it makes sense to pay as little as possible for it. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can do it.

Research everything

Your first step is to learn everything about the car that you are considering. It’s going to take a long time to read up on the intricacies of the engine, the minor faults, and how to make it shine without ruining the bodywork.

You will also learn about how much the classic models cost, and why they cost so much. Not only that, but you will also discover how to get a better deal by pointing out the flaws that regularly appear on your favourite model. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to find a better deal.

Learn basic mechanics

If you want to save money on a classic car, then you aren’t going to be buying something in perfect condition. It’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, you’ll need to know how cars work – with special attention paid to your favourite model.

Doing this well in advance will mean you can pick up a great deal and do it up yourself. Build up a relationship with a parts dealer, too, so you can call on them to recommend replacements. Northwest Car Parts, for example, buy spares and sell them on, meaning you can lower the cost of those parts entirely. It’s a perfect way of modernising an old vehicle – but you will need the skills to make those changes.

Go for a later model

Some cars are going to be out of your reach – that’s going to be something you just have to accept. Unless you have a few million pounds going spare, of course. However, these are exceptional cases, and more often than not you will find a better deal by looking at a later model.

Now, it might not be that 1968 model that you always hankered after. But, if the 1970 model comes home at a quarter of the price, that’s got to be tempting.

Learn how to haggle like a pro

Finally, your best way of saving money on any car purchase, let alone classic models, is to learn to haggle. We’re not great at haggling here in the UK, whereas in other parts of the world it’s practically part of the buying process. But if you want the best deals, you have to learn how to bargain with people.

No price is fixed in stone, and you will soon realise it once you get started. Let’s assume you spend an hour talking with a salesperson – they won’t want you to walk away. You will be in a commanding position to get them down their lowest possible price – so use it

Hope these tips have helped – let us know how you get on!