Easy Ways To Prevent Car Theft

Car window burglary

Being the victim of car theft isn’t the end of the world, but can still leave lasting psychological trauma. Realising a car you loved is gone is hard enough. Losing a number of valuable possessions with it is even worse. After that, there might be lasting paranoia and suspicion of your fellow citizens. While there’s no miracle cure which can set everything back to normal, there are several things you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Car window burglary

First of all, don’t think that a cheaper car will protect you. Car thieves will try to steal any vehicle which seems easy to steal. Whether it’s a supercar or a second-hand banger, your vehicle will be at risk if the thief thinks they’ll get away with it. Sure, some young hoodlums probably won’t touch a Ford KA. For so called “professional” car thieves, however, the model and age make no difference. The more they can steal and shift, the more money they’ll make. High-powered cars pull in a bigger score, but even nondescript white vans can be targeted. The trick here is to make sure your car seems tough to steal.

So how do you go about this? Use visible deterrents, whether real or fake. Although car thieves are more comfortable breaking the law, they fear prison like any normal person. Even a simple sticker saying “this car is tracked” can convince them to move onto someone else. Although some criminals are easily fooled, if they decide to run the risk, a sticker isn’t going to do much! Etched window alarms are often a great deterrent against theft. Unless you’re trying to save money at all costs, I recommend going for a factory fitted alarm. Though these can be expensive to have installed, they’re generally more reliable than other options on the market. You’re probably already doing this, but make sure any valuables are out of sight too!

You should also make sure your home and garage is secure as possible. This can save you from losing a lot more than your car! Many house burglars won’t hesitate to use your car as a getaway vehicle if the opportunity arises. Make sure to run various checks concerning the security of your home. There may be more weak spots than you think! All of your doors should be made of a solid timber or other material, and even the smallest windows should be closed and secured. If you live in an older home, you might need some new locks that promise higher security. Central Lock & Key Locksmiths are a great company to go to for this. Aside from your car, don’t leave anything particularly enticing to thieves in view.

You’d have to be extremely paranoid to make stealing your car completely impossible. However, these measures will reduce the risk of theft significantly. Whenever you stop your car somewhere, think it all through. Hide your valuables, and park in a well-lit place with a lot of witnesses. Be cautious, but don’t let the fear of theft stop you enjoying driving!