Don’t Forget That Car Tech!

Car Tech

Over the last decade or so, the reliability and quality side of car manufacturing have reached a critical point. As they accomplish goals, there’s less that they can do to the car without the help of tech. This has led to the dawn of digital cars, with computers at their heart. But, if you’ve got an older car, you might be missing out on a lot of the additional features that come with these modern motors. Thankfully, though, there’s plenty that can be done about this. This post will show you a few of the options.

Car Tech

A lot of modern cars are using digital speedos and other dashboard essentials, nowadays. And, some are even scrapping the dash altogether and using a projection on the windscreen. Unfortunately, you can’t really replace your gauges with digital ones, in most cars. But, you can almost certainly use a projected heads up display. With minimal expense, you can have a car that feels like it’s 10 years in the future. You can get rigs for your phone, which will reflect it’s display onto the windscreen. This is probably the cheapest and easiest way to do this. You also have the option to buy a full HUD, which will do everything, without the need for a phone. These are much more expensive, though. These HUDs can give you speed information, directions, and other critical information about your car.

Nowadays, a lot of cars beep when they get to close to something. And, the rare few have cameras that point to the back of the car. They’re designed to make it easier to reverse, by displaying the rear of the car in front of you. This allows the you to focus on controlling the car while still being able to see behind you. These sorts of cameras can make it much easier to park, and they don’t cost too much. You have to have them fitted, but some people will be able to do this themselves. Reverse camera kits can be found all over the place online, with some specific options for certain makes of car.

You may have heard of black-box insurance before. If not, it’s a type of car insurance that allows you to drive for less money, by monitoring your driving with a black-box. It measures where you go, at what times, the speed you travel, and your braking. With this information, it’s easy to tell if you’re a good driver or not. These devices are also excellent safety features. A lot of modern cars can automatically call emergency services for you if the car has a serious impact. This is great when you consider that a lot of accidents occur in remote areas. This means that it could be impossible for you to get help from a passerby.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to up the tech inside your car. These options are all inexpensive and easy to fit yourself. It’s always a good idea to do plenty of research making changes to a car, though. In some cases, it could void your warranty or even your insurance.