5 Reasons Why You Just Got Pulled Over


It happens to the vast majority of people at some point. You are driving along minding your own business, and you notice the blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. It’s not for you, of course, but you pull over anyway. And, then, with sheer horror, you realize the police have pulled over, too. There are probably a few good reasons why – so read on to find out why most police stops happen.


You’re driving too fast

If you aren’t concentrating on your speed, there’s a good chance you will go over the limit. It’s easy to do, especially when you are on long, straight roads – but it’s still illegal. You also have to bear in mind that the police will cut you a significant amount of slack, too. They give you, perhaps, an extra ten percent on top of the speed limit. Plus, your car’s speedometer is a little out of sync – it shows you are going faster than you are. This all means that if you get caught speeding, you deserve it – and you won’t have any defense. Keep tracking that speedometer and ensure you stay within the limit.

You’re acting suspicious

Police officers are trained to look at the inside of a car just as much as the outside. And if you are talking on the phone, or doing something silly, they will pull you over. If your behavior changes when you see the cops, you can expect the same treatment. In many cases, if you are doing something minor they will let you go if you aren’t causing danger. But if you change the way you are driving, they are more likely to think you are acting suspiciously.

You are a terrible driver

Tailgating, stop sign violations, lane hogging – they all attract unwanted attention from the police. But the truth is if you are doing any of these things, you probably need a stern talking to. Failure to signal is another biggie – as are improper lane changes. You might get away with a small fine if you have no other convictions for driving. But most importantly, you might get the opportunity to take part is a driving skills course – and it sounds as if you need one.

You are under the influence

If you have been drinking or taking drugs, you can almost guarantee you will get caught one of these days. You have to be vigilant regarding the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Even a glass of strong beer can be enough to tip you over the edge. And the ‘morning after the night before’ scenario is also a danger. It can take hours for all that alcohol to come out of your bloodstream. If you do get stopped and charged, it is vital to find a DUI attorney. It could be the difference between ruining your life and getting the conviction quashed.

Your car is a wreck

If you are lazy about car maintenance, you will get pulled – it’s as simple as that. Broken headlights, lack of license plates, loud, broken exhausts – they all attract the eyes and ears of traffic cops. Keep your car in great shape if you want to avoid an encounter.