3 Reasons Why A Truck Is Much Harder To Drive Than A Car

3 Reasons Why A Truck Is Much Harder To Drive Than A Car

If you can drive a car, does that mean you can drive any other automobile as well? You might be able to drive a van, but can you drive a truck? Truck driving is a completely different discipline in itself and is much harder than driving a car. Many people love driving and might consider a career as a truck driver. If this is you, then you need to know why they’re so much harder to drive than cars.

3 Reasons Why A Truck Is Much Harder To Drive Than A Car

More Blind Spots

It’s a well-known fact that trucks come with plenty of blind spots. Now, when you’re driving anything, the less blind spots you have, the better. A blind spot means you’re open to guesswork and assumption from time to time. With a truck, you have lots of these to contend with, making it very difficult to drive safely. Cars and bicycles can enter your blind spot, meaning you have to be extra cautious. There’s a decent bit of information on driversed.com that explains truck blind spots in more detail. Here, you’ll see how easy it is for a car to fall into one of these spots.

The Sheer Size Difference

Of course, you can’t forget about the size difference between your average truck and car. Trucks come in different sizes too, but even the smallest of trucks is larger than most cars. You can see more at TruckDealersAustralia.com.au to illustrate this point. Some trucks on there are massive and come with the trailers attached too. The larger a vehicle is, the harder it is to drive. There’s more weight to control, you take up more space; it’s much harder to turn around simple corners when you have a huge load on your back. You have to be more wary of what you’re doing because there’s more of you to worry about.

Reversing Is Harder Than Some Driving Tests

Reversing is a basic driving skill that everyone should learn to master. When you drive a car, it’s not that difficult to learn how to reverse. Eventually, it becomes second nature, and you can reverse around corners, reverse into parking spots; it’s easy. Reversing a truck is pretty much a driving test all on its own. In fact, trying to do this can be harder than the actual driving tests in some countries. Trucks are so hard to reverse because it’s hard to see what’s behind you. Slap a trailer onto the back, and you now have less control over your rear end, meaning it’s even harder than before. As a consequence, a basic daily manoeuvre becomes one of the most stressful things you can attempt.

By now, it’s evident why a truck is much harder to drive than a car. But, I will say this, once you start driving one, it gets easier. It still will never be as easy or comfortable as driving a car, but you should at least learn to deal with the difficulties. Does a career as a trucker sound good to you? If you love driving, it might be a great idea.