3 Gift Ideas To Treat Your Motorhead Friend

lamborghini huracan

You may know your way around cars, but you’re nothing compared to your best friend Jim, who is a total enthusiast of all motor vehicles and keeps in his wallet a folded picture of the car he’s going to buy when he gets rich. We all know a Jim who can tell you exactly what the weird noise in your car is, and who dreams of an exciting world of engines, fumes and amazing body works. But the thing is when it comes to celebrating Jim’s birthday; there’s one thing that we can tell you for sure, and it’s that: he’s probably getting tired of receiving the same old birthday card with the picture of a supercar on it. Even the Lego collectable kit of a vintage Beetle didn’t seem to put a smile on his face. So this year, you can outdo yourself and show Jim that you understand and respect his passion.

lamborghini huracan

The right gadgets to hit the road

Anyone who drives a motorbike would tell you: It’s tricky to find a GPS system that fits a motorcycle. That’s why looking for gadgets to make Jim’s ride smoother can be the friendliest way of supporting his love of engines. Garmin Zumo makes a handy GPS that is bike-friendly and easy to use with gloves. If Jim has the soul of an adventure rider, you can be looking for a GoPro camera that can capture fantastic point of view shots and videos of the journey. So next time he uploads a video of his riding trips, you know that you’re the one who made it possible.

Get them their dream car… for a day

If it’s a special birthday and you’re organising a joint gift with friends, you should be looking to surprise Jim with a dream gift: rent a Lamborghini for the day! The supercar, first created in 1963, is a stunning vehicle that never stops to fascinate drivers. Visionary, cutting edge and incredibly elegant, Lamborghini cars offer a taste of luxury in a world of motor engines. With a choice of Huracan, Huracan Spyder, Aventador Roadstar and coupé, you know that’s you’re in for a day Jim won’t forget. You can also expect to hear about all the mighty roars of the engine for the months to come, but it’s a small price to pay to please a motorhead!

The Top Gear stunt experience of heroes

If you want to surprise a sporty driver, get them a unique stunt driving experience with the Paul Swift’s team. Paul Swift is 7 times British Motorsport Champion and he’s also a Guinness World Record holder. Still need convincing? He’s one of the Top Gear stunt drivers and will take Jim through a series of exciting driving stunts. Prepare yourself to watch Jim perform a 180° handbrake turn next time you see him because that’s precisely the kind of things he’ll learn from his day with the pros.

Whether biker, supercar fanatic or stunt enthusiast, there’s always something to please a motorhead without breaking the bank. Who said drivers were difficult to buy for?