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Lamborghini’s Reveals Aventador LP 750-4 SV Roadster

On Monday, August 17th, 2015

Do you even need any words here? A glance at the pictures above is enough to tell you that A) Lamborghini still knows how to cook up cartoonishly excellent creations, and B) it’s really, really blue.


Welcome everyone, to the roofless edition of the Lamborghini Aventador SV. And like the Aventador SV Coupe, this new Aventador SV Roadster is quite terrifyingly – and unsurprisingly – fast.

It gets the same 6.5-litre V12 as the, ahem, ’standard’ Aventador Roadster, but like the SV Coupe, features more power, to the tune of 740bhp at a manic 8,400rpm. It weighs 1575kg, a 50kg drop on the Aventador Roadster, but also 50kg more than its SV Coupe sibling.

Which means the 0-62mph has taken a hit compared to the fixed-roof SV, but only a small one. Where the SV Coupe does it in 2.8 seconds, this SV Roadster does it in 2.9s. Yeah, no great hardship there, and anyway, with the same top speed of ‘over 217mph’ and the addition of all that extra noise, you’d have to be very particular to care about that missing tenth.

The SV body has been fully optimised in the wind tunnel too, including those new quick-release hard-top panels, which weigh less than 6kg each. They’re finished in matte black as standard, but you can spec them in matte carbon fibre, or the car’s body colour. Any one is the correct answer.

The rear windshield can be lowered or raised by pressing a dash-mounted button, but we suspect you’ll want to keep it down as much as possible. Because V12 noise.

You’ll spot all the aero additions borrowed from the SV Coupe: the new front splitter and vast aero meshes at the front and rear, and that lovely, mighty rear wing. Many downforces are created, but, arguably more importantly, it just looks the business.

Suspension and interior? Same as the SV Coupe, which means adapative dampers and direct-steer, full Alcantara inside, one-piece carbon seats, less sound deadening, and many buttons. You can option it in five colours as standard, but if you’re really picky you can call on Lambo’s ‘Ad Personam’ service, which allows you to do literally anything you want with your very expensive, very rare roadster.

The price for this roofless magnificence? $530,075, on the road. Lamborghini has also confirmed it will build just 500 of these Aventador SV Roadsters (they built 600 SV Coupes, which have all sold out), with deliveries beginning next Spring.

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