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Volkswagen Up!: Reviewed

On Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Been interested by the new 2016 Golf but can’t afford one? We feel you. Don’t worry, here’s the next best thing – all at an affordable price! It’s the VW Up! of course. Volkswagen’s attempt at a supermini is a majestic one. We check it out below.

Volkswagen Interior


Almost certainly available at your local Volkswagen dealer, the Up! is proving to be a big success story for the German manufacturers. Everyone is picking one up because of its superb design! Doesn’t it stand out wonderfully from a crowd? This supermini is light and loveable and really flies, too. Its slender design makes it ideal for city use, but that doesn’t this car can’t do it on main roads either. Volkswagen’s are known for their classic styling and the Up! is no exception here. This car is the perfect mix of boxiness and curvature making it extremely gender neutral and suitable for all markets. The unique rear end of the vehicle makes it a lot more fun and exciting to look at, too. We love it!


The cabin is incredibly spacious and comfortable for such a small supermini – you’ll really be astounded! The German manufacturers have been typically intuitive in that regard. The dashboard comes packed with all the current technology that you’d come to expect from a car in 2016, too. So, you won’t be missing out on much there. Notably, there is the option for air con, heated seats, a sat-nav and alloy wheels. We certainly recommend getting those alloy wheels to further enhance the amount of money you’ll be able to keep when selling this car on. Otherwise, the finish is immaculate as you’d expect from VW. No qualms on this front at all!

Running Costs

If you’re worried about racking up a bill each month with this one, then you won’t be disappointed. The only downside is that the German manufacturer doesn’t make a diesel version of the Up! So, it’s petrol only for the time being. There is, however, a battery-powered version of the Up! if you’re one of these really environmentally sound individuals. So, that’s good to know! It’s worth knowing that this electric version is tax-free! Result. On top of that insurance for all models of this supermini is about as cheap as it could possibly get. That spells good news for young and new drivers whose insurance premiums are normally sky high!


Starting at just shy of £9,000, this is a great deal, too! Traditionally, Volkswagen cars haven’t depreciated too drastically, and so you should make a fair return on this one. This car is predicted to keep at least 50% of its value after just three years, which is good to know! You can thank the VW brand for that one. It is slightly more expensive than some of its competition. However, it more than makes up for it due to the above. Have you been after something for your city driving needs for a while now, but don’t want to break the bank on a Golf? If so, then this is almost certainly the car for you!

Overall, we really loved the Up! It’s perfect for a number of scenarios. While there are cheaper options out there, we’d still recommend that this one goes to the top of your shopping list!

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