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VANtastic Reasons To Choose Vans Over SUVs

On Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Many modern families find themselves needing bigger vehicles due to growth in size and numbers. The natural reaction is to start looking at the SUV market. However, you may be far better off choosing a van instead.

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Here are just seven compelling reasons that the family van will leave you feeling more fortunate than ever before.

You’ll Be Safer

Nobody wants to think about road accidents, but the statistics show that you must take them into account. Driving an SUV can often reduce the impacts compared to standard cars. Nonetheless, the safer driving position in a van means that you’ll be even safer still. While there are other factors to consider during these moments, safety should always come first.

You’ll Have Greater Flexibility

Driving a van opens up a world of opportunities that small vehicles, including family cars, simply don’t offer. Whether it’s utilising the van for work commitments, road trips, or city driving doesn’t matter. When you have a van, there’s no need for another vehicle in your life, which is naturally great news for a whole host of reasons.

You’ll Feel More Individual

There’s no escaping the fact that the popularity SUVs and 4x4s has grown exponentially. While this shows that they can be a great option for the modern family, it does remove the joy of having a unique vehicle. Look around any car park, and you’ll see dozens of those vehicles but very few vans. It probably shouldn’t influence your decision, but it almost certainly will.

You’ll Get A Better Deal

Demand isn’t the only thing that has grown in the SUV market; the prices have too. Conversely, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when looking at used vans for sale. Even a high-end small-to-mid van will cost less than the average 4×4, and they’ll usually suffer slower depreciation too. Given the payment options available, which is true for most vehicles, there’s never been a better time to buy.

You’ll Keep It For Longer

Value for money isn’t only influenced by price. The lifespan of the vehicle is an equally vital aspect to consider, and you won’t go wrong with a van. Let’s face it; you’ll do well to get five years out of a 4×4 before getting bored and wanting an upgrade. Vans simply have the ability to retain their charm for longer. This is a hugely important factor in the long run.

You’ll Use Less Fuel

Running costs are one area where SUVs will usually let you down. Many of them carry unnecessary weight through unnecessary gimmicks, while even those that don’t will consume fuel quickly. Vans are naturally built to carry the load. Moreover, the higher driving position allows you to react to the road without slamming the brakes quite so often.

You’ll Have More Fun

It’s hard to explain the enjoyment of a van to someone that hasn’t driven one. On paper, the average van won’t have any performance features that stand out from the crowd. Once you’re behind the wheel, however, the drive is sure to leave you smiling. Similarly, the internal space is sure to keep all passengers comfortable too.

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