The Most Reliable Car Brands Of 2016!


If you’re buying a car, then you want to ensure you get a reliable vehicle. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of money. Below, I’ve listed the three most reliable car brands of 2016. Check them out to find out more:

LEXUS RC300hLexus

An interesting fact about Lexus is that it’s actually a luxury division of Toyota. And, it’s this added luxury that has boosted it ahead of its parent company as one of the most reliable car brands this year. People love Lexus cars for many reasons, most notably their comfort. You feel comfortable when you’re behind the wheel of any Lexus. It’s this emphasis on luxury and quality that makes the brand feel more reliable. You know they put a lot of effort into their vehicles to ensure the customer gets what they want. Plus, the majority of their cars score highly in all the relevant safety tests. All of this is reflected in how consumers view this luxury car brand. Lexus receive incredibly high scores when it comes to customer feedback and reliability. In fact, latest figures say they have a 97% satisfaction rate with customers.


Vauxhall has long been a brand that car buyers trust and love. There’s something about their range of vehicle that’s very reliable. From the timeless Astra all the way through to the large Zafira. What makes these cars so reliable is that they’re very safe. There’s a reason people will often get a Vauxhall as their first or family car. Plus, with the new Vauxhall ranges coming out, safety is enhanced further. All of the new cars have cool car tech that makes driving on the roads a lot less dangerous. If all this wasn’t enough, Vauxhall cars are known for standing the test of time. To this day you will still see plenty of people driving a Corsa from over a decade ago! They don’t break down easily, which is why this brand is so popular amongst car lovers.


Tesla is a brand that a lot of people outside the auto world haven’t heard of. They’re not your typical mainstream car manufacturer, that’s for sure. What sets them apart from the rest is that they only make electric cars. Founded in 2003, it’s fair to say they’re the babies of the auto industry. Especially when compared to some brands that have been out there for decades. What makes this brand so reliable is a combination of enhanced in-car safety and modern technology. Tesla cars are known for being the most intelligent vehicles around. Their cruise control system is second to none and can keep you a safe distance away from the car in front of you. All of their cars are full of modern technology that can be upgraded after your purchase. This is the main thing that gets people excited about this brand. You can improve your car and upgrade the batteries after you’ve bought it. So, a Tesla should last you as long as you want it to. Incredibly reliable brand, and one to watch for the future too.

Is your next car going to be from one of these three brands? If it is, then you’ve certainly got yourself a reliable machine!