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Tesla Updating The Model X, Especially Those Doors

On Saturday, June 4th, 2016

Tesla has already apologized for the overly complicated Model X SUV, saying that it had “hubris” and added “far too much new technology.” Some of that new tech was in the Falcon Wing doors, which have caused no end of trouble.

The Model X, Especially Those Doors

The automaker even had to sue a supplier, Hoerbiger, over issues with the units. Tesla has a solution, though, and CEO Elon Musk promises that you will love it.

Through an upcoming over-the-air update, Tesla is going to change the way the falcon-wing doors work. Here’s what Musk told the crowd at his company’s recent annual shareholder meeting:


“The software that controls the Model X and the operation of the doors has been incredibly difficult to refine. I think we’re almost there in making the doors useful. … I think with the software release that’s going out shortly and then the other one that’s going out in a month or so, I think finally we’ll be at a point where the doors will be better than normal doors as opposed to worse. … If you order a Model X now, or soon, trust me, you will love the doors, because the software will actually be right.”

In other words, Tesla delivered the Model X without getting the software right, as wasobvious to anyone who owned one. A fix like this is late, but certainly important for anyone who paid $100,000 or more for their fancy EV. The most recent Model X software updatechanged the way the Summon feature works, lets the touch screen move the center seats, and allowed one button to close all of the X’s open doors.

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