Reviewed: The BMW X1 Is Everything You Need


Are you thinking about buying a new car this year? You might be looking at SUVs. SUVs have become one of the most popular cars for families or couple on the market. They are even often picked for the perfect business car. It makes sense. They give you a lot of space, massive amounts of power, and they’re quite comfortable. Perfect if you’re chauffeuring your kids to school or taking new clients to the office. Your next question should be what SUV should I buy, and we’ve got the answer. The latest BMW X1 is the perfect SUV for both you and your family.

The BMW X1


Firstly, who doesn’t want to own a BMW? Seriously, owning a BMW is the car equivalent of an iPhone. Everyone wants one even if they don’t admit it. If you have the money, and you want to know how it feels to drive one of the best makes of car don’t think about it. Check out this article on what it’s like to own a luxury make of car. Then Pick up one day and make sure that it’s the X1. Here’s why…

There’s no denying that for an SUV the X5 is a stunning car. It’s got curves in all the right places and is as far away from the boxy Land Rover as you could imagine. It’s sleek, cool and it looks like a cross between a saloon and a 4×4. Essentially, it’s everything that an SUV should be. It’s a hybrid between the perfect family car and a vehicle that could prove to be heaps of fun off road. But it doesn’t end there. Once you look past the slick headlights and the smooth body work, you need to check out the interior of the car. It’s just as impressive, and we would expect no less from BMW. You can get the interior styled with leather seats and even a custom made dashboard. But if you get the basic model it’s still a stunning design. The dashboard looks futuristic and fun with plenty of buttons, half of which you won’t know how to use.

Of course, it’s not enough to be comfortable. You also want a fantastic ride. The BMW X1 provides this in spades. Let’s just see you won’t have any worry overtaking somewhere thanks to the power behind that engine. As well as this, due to the design, you won’t hear the roar of the engine on the motorway. Inside, you will only hear a silky purr as you race past the other drivers on the road. This isn’t always the case with SUVs. Cheaper models will come with a hefty side of noise pollution. But not with a BMW. They deliver. You can browse online at and find this car second hand. An ideal choice if the new price is too expensive.

That’s not the only place this car delivers either. Due to a lighter frame, the vehicle is a pleasure to take out on the road. The new road, sports handling system helps as well. Once you’re taking the bends, you’ll forget you’re in an SUV and start to feel like you’re driving a supercar. Worried about how much those high speeds will cost you? Forget about it now because this SUV will do an incredible 86mpg. That’s more than most energy saving vehicles!
There you have it then. This is the SUV for family, for business, for everyone.