Land Rover’s Greatest Models of All Time

2008 Land Rover LR3

Land Rover is a manufacturer with a strong history, and they have produced some amazing vehicles over the years. Here’s the greatest of them all.


The Freelander offers drivers a smooth ride and a comfortable driving experience. This is helped by the fact that the interiors are very high quality. But it’s good in all kinds of terrains, not just on the road. They hold their value well as well, thanks to the prestige of the model and the good reputation it has. It’s not the most spacious car that Land Rover have ever made, but it’s still spacious enough for most families. Hunters Land Rover stock plenty of used models, and these are the best option for people on a budget.

Defender 4×4

There are many great things you can say about the Defender 4×4. But, first of all, it’s important to say that this not a car for people who only ever drive on the road. In fact, it’s not a very good road car at all because the handling is substandard. By who cares about all that when it’s so good for off-road driving? Its reputation for being able to do anything you ask of it in all kinds of conditions is legendary. The 2.4-litre diesel engine is incredibly strong; it’s this that gives it all the power it needs.

Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque is my favourite Land Rover Range Rover by far. Some purists don’t like it because they don’t see it as rugged enough. This is a shame though because it offers everything a Range Rover should offer combined with a more stylish design than you get from most of the previous models. It can climb rocky terrain and handle everything you throw at it. So, don’t let the stylish and good-looking exteriors appearance of the car mislead you too much! It’s the best Range Rover they’ve ever made.

2008 Land Rover LR3


The LR3 is a great car for people who have families and like to drive off-road sometimes. The problem is do many people fall into that category? But that doesn’t change the fact that the LR3 manages to be a decent road vehicle and a fantastic off-road car. As an off-road car, it’s pretty hard to beat. The Terrain Response system is one of the features that help the car stand out when it comes to driving off-road. And the space it offers on the inside makes it very appealing to people with large families.

Discovery Sport

The Discovery Sport is the car that eventually replace the great Freelander discussed above. Seven seats are standard in every Discovery Sport model, making it a car that’s great for people with large families. The only downside of the vehicle is the fact that the engine emits quite a lot of CO2, so it won’t be a good option for environmentally concerned drivers. It offers a surprisingly smooth and casual ride though, and that’s not something that all Land Rovers offer. Plus it does all the off-road things you want.