Hyundai Calling in 65k Sonatas Over ABS Warning Light

Hyundai calling in 65k

A problem with the ABS warning light has prompted Hyundai to issue a recall for nearly 65,000 examples of the Sonata sedan. The issue seeks to rectify an issue that would prevent a warning light in the dash from alerting the driver of a malfunction with the anti-lock brakes.

Hyundai calling in 65k

The recall campaign specifically affects 2015-16 Sonatas manufactured between May 28, 2014, and August 21, 2015. Hyundai estimates that 64,744 such examples are to be found in the United States. If the warning light doesn’t illuminate, the driver may not be aware that there’s a problem with the ABS. And, according to the statement below from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, that could increase the likelihood of a crash.

To fix the issue, Hyundai will notify owners to bring their Sonatas in to their local dealership to have the software in the control unit updated. The recall is scheduled to commence on December 11.