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Chevy Might Sell A Cheaper, Stripped-Out Camaro SS

On Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Right now, the cheapest new Camaro you can buy with a V8 starts at $38,000. That’s not a bad price considering it offers a world-class motor and a capable chassis, but Chevy thinks it can go cheaper. Speaking to Automotive News, Chevy product head Mark Reuss said yesterday that the automaker is considering a cheaper, stripped-out Camaro SS to better compete with the Mustang GT.

2017 Camaro SS

“I think we’ve got opportunities at the very low end of the Camaro range and some remix of some of the V8 options on it so we don’t force people to buy all the options with a V8, just to get a V8,” Reuss said. “The Mustang and some of the cars in the segment will have a lower base price and that’s an opportunity for us probably.”

For 2018, V8-powered Ford Mustangs start at $35,000, and $33,000 gets you a 375-hp 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T. Dodge’s closest competitor to the 455-horsepower Camaro SS, the 485-hp Challenger R/T Scat Pack, starts at $39,000.

Last year, Chevrolet rolled out the manual-only 1LS trim for four- and six-cylinder Camaros and made the automatic standard on the 1LT trim. This cut between $400 and $2200 from non-V8 Camaro base prices, depending on configuration.

Despite that, the Camaro has lagged behind its Ford rival in sales this year. Chevy’s aim is to close that gap with lower prices. But since 2018 Camaro prices are already locked in, we won’t see any new, stripped-out trims for at least another year.

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