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Bye Bye Old Banger! How To Get A Good First Car

On Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Buying your first car is a monumental moment. The trouble is, most of us can’t afford a good first car and end up with an old banger that everyone laughs at. Not anymore. Below, you’ll find some tips to help you get a good first car:

Buying your first car

Save Money On Driving Lessons

One of the many reasons people end up with bad first cars is because they spend so much on their driving lessons. Think about it, you already have to pay for your driving test, then you’ve got hundreds of pounds spent on lessons too. It can easily eat into your first car budget when it really doesn’t have to. Save loads of money on driving lessons by restricting the amount you have. Go out with your parents, an elder sibling, or close friend instead. If you’re out driving around in a car with someone supervising you then you’re going to learn a lot. You’ll get to grips with the feel of a car, and learn all the basic things. Then, you’ll only have to pay for a handful of lessons to nail down the maneuvers before your test. You end up with more money in the bank, which can help you buy a much nicer first car.

Consider Leasing

When most people look to buy their first car, they only pay attention to the used car market. This is for good reason as the used market is far more affordable than the new one. However, with car leasing, you could be able to afford a nice brand new car. Leasing gives you the ability to rent a car over a set contract period – normally between two and four years. It makes the car more affordable as you don’t need a lump sum of cash all in one go. You spread the costs, meaning you no longer have to look at the cheapest used cars on the market. Instead of settling for a 10-year-old Ford Fiesta you can lease a brand new one and drive around town making all your friends jealous.

Haggle Like Your Life Depends On It

I’m sure many of you have been searching for your dream first car and come up with a few serious contenders. They look great, have a good service history, and aren’t old bangers. Everything seems fine – only the car is a little bit outside your budget. You’re upset as you were so close to finding the perfect ride. But, don’t be upset, there’s an easy way you can make that car more affordable for you! All you have to do is haggle with the dealer. Haggle for a lower price, and you’ll knock some money off their asking price and bring it within your budget. There are loads of haggling tips out there, what you’re aiming to do is make the dealer feel like their car isn’t worth that much and that you’re doing them a favour by offering them the money you’re putting forwards.

Do you want a first car that your friends are jealous of? Then give this advice a chance, and you’ll soon be driving a super cool whip.

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