BMW i3 Batteries To Power Streetscooter Electric Delivery Vehicles

2018 BMW i3

Streetscooter GmbH, the wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Post, is using BMW i battery modules in some of its Streetscooter electric vehicles.

2018 BMW i3

The battery modules are identical to those of the current BMW i3. Streetscooter is not alone in making that choice. Torqeedo, a provider of electric boat propulsion systems, also chose to go with the BMW i3 battery for its new electric boat.

The compact lithium-ion battery pack installed in the BMW i3 consists of 8 modules with 12 cells each and has a total capacity of 33 kWh. The battery management system, including cabling, sensors as well as the heating and cooling system are BMW i-specific developments.

The battery modules are produced by the BMW Group Competence Center for Electric Mobility in Dingolfing.