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A Combination Of Business And Pleasure: The Speedy Saloon

On Thursday, August 10th, 2017

For some people, cars truly make the world go round. You rely on your car to help you take the kids to school, go to work, and complete your other little day to day jobs. This makes this tool vital to a lot of people, giving them less room to think about fun when buying their cars. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are loads of cars out there which are designed to go from commute to race track in an instant, and a lot of them are saloons. To help you in finding the perfect saloon for you, this post will be going through five of the best options on the market today. Now, it’s just a matter of test driving a couple of them before you find the right fit.


  • BMW M5

BMW has long been known for its excellent build quality and industrial design. A lot of people assume these cars are much more expensive than they are, because of the way they look and feel. In reality, though, a BMW can be very affordable. The M5 is no exception to this, coming in at around $230,000 (AU), making it very affordable compared to cars in the same class. The car sports typical BMW design, with straight lines and sharp edges, making it look incredibly aggressive on the road. Along with LED headlights and loads of gadgets on the inside, this car truly feels like it came out of the future.

Despite being such a large car, this nimble BMW is able to hit 60 mph in just four-seconds. Along with a top speed of 160 mph, this car will be able to satisfy most people’s racing itches. This swiftness is only possible with a huge engine, and the M5 has exactly that. Sitting at 560 hp, this saloon will easily overpower a lot of cars in the same price range and bracket, without breaking a sweat on the morning runs, either. Inside the car, you’ll find what you have probably come to expect from BMW. Incredibly solid and high-quality materials have been used inside the car, with loads of tech to keep passengers entertained.

  • Subaru WRX

Subaru has a very mixed reception around the world. In some places, people love these cars, with one appearing on almost every driveway. But, in others, you won’t find a single Subaru in sight. Of course, though, wherever you are, a Subaru will still be one of the most reliable cars you can buy. The Subaru WRX is no exception to this, either. Coming in at just under $40,000 (AU), this car represents better value for money than almost any of the other cars on this list. This saloon looks as if it were taken directly from a rally track, with its Japanese design and fierce looks. But, it wouldn’t look out of place on the morning commute, either.

This plucky Subaru isn’t quite as fast as the BMW above, but it would still give it a run for its money. Sporting a much smaller 2.5L engine, this car is still capable of impressive speeds. The car has a similar top speed to the BMW, sitting at 159 mph. Along with this, it can also reach 60 in just over five-seconds. It’s extremely hard to find a car of a similar price which offers the same level of performance. The WRX won’t be quite as packed with gadgets as a more premium car. But, for those looking for good value for money, it’s hard to go wrong with a Subaru.

  • Audi S6

Like BMW and Subaru, Audi has a long history of creating excellent quality vehicles. Unlike the other two brands, Audi isn’t exactly known for producing exciting cars. Nowadays, though, change has come, and this once boring brand has changed the way they design their cars. This has resulted in a swath of new and interesting cars coming from the company, with one of the best being the S6. Based on the A6, you still get all of the features and styling you’d get with a normal Audi. This makes for a car which is just as at home running the kids to school as it is making other cars look silly on the track. It’s hard to find performance cars with such elegance, as most are designed to look scary.

Despite its businessy exterior, the S6 truly packs a punch. As standard, the S6 sports a massive 4.0L engine. This huge chunk of machinery can push out a staggering 420 hp, giving it the ability to hit 60 in under five-seconds. The S6 will happily push past 150 mph on the speedo, with its top speed of 155 mph, making it fast enough for anyone driving on the road. Sitting at around $180,000 (AU), this is one of the pricier cars on this listing. These cars tend to be much more affordable if you buy them second hand, though. So, you may be able to pick one up for a lot cheaper.

  • Mercedes AMG E63

When it comes to luxury cars, there are very few better places to look than Mercedes. For decades, this company has been producing some of the best-built cars on the market, taking stereotypes about German engineering to a whole new level. The AMG E63 is no exception to this trend, with its beautifully designed and crafted parts. In typical Mercedes fashion, this car looks like the perfect business person’s companion. With a car like this, you have the means to show off, without having to drive something which looks overly flashy. Often, the best looking cars are designed with balance in mind. And, the AMG E63 has nailed this balance, making it perfect for any occasion. At its lowest, the car will set you back around $210,000 (AU), without any extras.

With a company like Mercedes, you tend to pay for what you get, and this trend can be seen in the AMG E63. The car sports a 620 hp V8, boasting an electronically limited top-speed of over 155 mph. The car will easily make 60 mph in under four-seconds, making it the fastest car off the line on this list. Along with the stuff under the bonnet, this car is home to a tech-lovers paradise. As soon as you enter the E63, you’re welcomed with a vast array of knobs, dials, and buttons. Along with this, you can also make good use of the elegant touch screens which are dotted around the car. If you’re willing to spend a little more on this car, you can expect to get options like keyless entry and automatic parking.

  • Aston Martin Rapide S

Finally, the last car on this will be a fantasy for most people. Aston Martin has a very long heritage of producing some of the best high-performance luxury cars on the market. With some of their vehicles costing the same as a nice house, it’s easy to see why they take such pride in their work. The Rapide S is Aston’s latest entry into the world of saloons, but this car is certainly not to be underestimated. The motor itself features traditional Aston Martin styling, making it arguably the best looking saloon on the market. Along with this, some extra touches have been made to make the car unique, like recessed door handles and new headlights. The car will cost you at least $380,000 (AU), giving it the top spot on the price list for this post.

When you spend so much on a car, you have to make sure that it’s right for you. Otherwise, you could face some serious regret. Have no fears, though, the Rapide S won’t disappoint. With a top speed of 203 mph, this car will leave all of the others on this list in the dust. It can hit 60 mph in just four and a half seconds which is a grand feat for a car this size. To give it this power, Aston has crammed a 5.9L V12 under the hood of this motor. As a luxury car, this option will have features available which other manufacturers won’t have even heard of. So, this car could be great for those who love to show off.

Finding a car which satisfies your need for speed while also being good to use for day to day work can be a big challenge. A lot of people are forced to drive cars they don’t like or think are boring. In most cases, though, there is an option out there which will tick all of the boxes for you. New cars come out every year, and with a lot of places looking to ban combustion engines, this market is going to change massively over the next decade. So, it could be worth waiting or even looking at future options today.

Hopefully, this post will help you to find the car of your dreams. This car isn’t just a tool for you; it’s also a means of entertainment. This could be the biggest hobby you have, so it’s worth working hard to find the very best options for you. Otherwise, you may never again get to experience the thrill of driving you once knew well.

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