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5 Reasons You’ll Love The Nissan Note

On Friday, November 6th, 2015

Nissan has come up with a range of practical and stylish vehicles over the years. One model in particular that is selling like hotcakes is the Note. It’s a popular small family car, and it first got launched back in 2006.

The car gets built in the north of England and Nissan’s native homeland of Japan. The second-generation model is also made at a plant in Mexico.

Nissan Note

If you’re looking to buy a new small family car, here are five reasons why you will fall in love with the Nissan Note:

  1. There are three engines that offer good fuel economy

I’ll be the first to admit that the Nissan Note isn’t a powerful monster like the sporty GTR, for example. But, that’s not what this car is all about. The Nissan Note is a small family car, after all!

There are two petrol engines and a diesel on offer. The most frugal of all is the 1.5 dCi diesel unit. It offers an impressive 78 MPG combined and has CO2 emissions of only 93 g/km.

  1. It’s handling on the road will surprise you

Many people will assume that a small family car won’t grip to the tarmac like a go-kart. They believe that such cars are not meant for going around corners at speed.

The thing about the Nissan Note is that it handles quite well! That’s despite the fact the car doesn’t have wide wheels or sports suspension. Nissan has made a determined effort to make the car a more attractive proposition. Improving its handling from the first-generation models is one thing that helped its cause.

  1. You can go and buy one today without waiting for months

The trouble with some car brands is that they limit production. That means customers have to wait many months before they can get behind the wheel of their new pride and joy.

That’s not the case with Nissan, especially with the Note. Of course, there will be some folks that don’t want a brand new car. In those scenarios, one can pick up a Note from dealers like Hilton Garage for example. Availability (new or used) is never an issue with the Nissan Note.

  1. The Accenta Premium trim level is a gadget lover’s dream

Are you a fan of all things electronic? Do you have to have the latest gadgets? If so, you should select the Accenta Premium trim level when you get a Nissan Note!

As standard, it comes with DAB digital radio for a start. Climate control helps keep your cabin temperatures just right. And the built-in sat-nav ensures you don’t get lost driving to unknown locations!

  1. It’s one of the most comfortable cars you will drive

Last, but not least, one reason for the Note’s popularity is its comfort levels. In the past, some folks have complained about the Micra being an uncomfortable car.

Nissan has taken that feedback on board when designing the Note. As a result, it’ll absorb even the roughest of bumps on the road. So, when will you go and check out a Nissan Note?

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