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2020 Toyota Supra Official Images Hit The Web In Unofficial Reveal

On Monday, January 14th, 2019

The Supra is out, thanks to a “goof” by Toyota Mexico’s Twitter account. For a brief amount of time, this video played in a post on the account, showing us the car without any camouflage. Now, a decent quality version of the video is hosted on the Supra MkV forum’s YouTube account for you to watch on repeat. Take it all in, because this is the real deal, folks.

We were all able to ascertain much of the final design from spy shots and official Toyota camouflaged photos, but none of them revealed just how curvy and muscular this car would be. It succeeds at looking different than anything else on the road, even showing differentiation from its Z4 platform mate. Our eyes go right to the funky door design with what looks to be an air inlet toward the rear of it. This all curves into a back end that looks positively small and angry compared to the long and flowing front. While we’re on the front, man, that’s a huge hood. The passengers look like they’re seated as far back in the car as possible to create that long front, stubby back appearance.

Those headlights/DRLs curve from the front fender all the way toward the center of the front bumper. They’re huge, but it doesn’t look wrong in this picture, at least. The ducktail spoiler is high and proud to be there, as it’s flanked by a couple skinny, horizontal taillights. Something missing from this car are all the fake vents that have become far too common nowadays. There isn’t much of a grille to speak of, and we appreciate Toyota’s constraint to limit the openings to what we can only assume are strictly necessary for function.

No interior glimpses came along with the leaked video, so that might have to wait for the Detroit Auto Show. The low-res quality of these don’t help either, so we imagine many more details will make themselves apparent upon viewing the final “official” images. This leak is one of many we’ve had over the past couple of weeks. At this point, we’re mere days away from learning everything about the revived Supra at the Detroit Auto Show.

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