What’s The Best Engine On Sale Today?

Ferrari Engine

Although electric cars seem to be the future, there are still dozens of magnificent internal-combustion engines on sale today.

Ferrari Engine

Whether it be the sound, the power, or the tech, there are plenty of reasons to appreciate today’s newest powertrains. Which is your favorite?

There are plenty of fantastic engines out there right now, but I think my favorite is the 6.5-liter V12 currently residing in the Ferrari 812 Superfast. It makes a staggering 789 horsepower without the help of any turbocharging or supercharging. That lack of forced induction also means instant throttle response and a wonderful V12 shriek.

Now we’d like to know: What do you think is the best engine on sale today? Your choice doesn’t have to be something super-exotic like the 812 Superfast, either—it could be anything, as long as it’s an engine inside a car that’s currently on sale. Let us know in the comments below.