Practical Car Tips To Avoid The Mechanic!


When it comes to car maintenance, there are so many things to think about, the engine, the oil, the right type of dice to hang from your rear view mirror… Well, not that, but my point is that there are plenty of things that need due care and attention. A lot of things can crop up in your handbook, but then there are things that you learn about while on the road, and some things that you can’t find anywhere. But here are some handy little tidbits of information on what to do to avoid the mechanic.


The Myth Of Warming Up The Engine

In modern cars, the whole notion of letting your engine run for a minute before setting off is not necessary at all, it will waste fuel and add to the wear and tear of your vehicle. On the topic of fuel consumption, you shouldn’t idle the car. When you restart a modern car, it doesn’t use any extra fuel, but only if you aren’t pressing the accelerator.

Drive Gently

As time goes on, you become more accustomed to your own driving habits, and we are all capable of learning bad habits. The longer we spend driving, the more ingrained these habits become and they become much harder to break. However, by practicing good road etiquette, driving smoothly and gently, you are saving a lot of fuel consumption. And by smoothly navigating turns and stops, allowing adequate stopping distances and by being gentle with the accelerator, you can also prolong the life expectancy of your car.

Check All The Fluids

You don’t need to change them all the time, but by making a date each month to look at the coolant, oil, transmission, brake fluid, and clutch fluid, and making sure they are all in good condition, you are preventing rather than curing!

Understand The Effect Of Climate On Your Car

Heat and cold will affect your car in different ways. If you live in a hot climate, there is a danger of the interior overheating. Putting a sunshade on the inside of the front window will help with this. If you are in a cold climate, understand the effects of black ice and grit or road salt will have on the wheels and the undercarriage. Looking at the resale value of your car, you need to prevent as best you can, and avoiding issues like rust and wear and tear on the key components will impact on you when you come to Sell Your Car. The companies that can give you better money for it will be looking in great detail at your vehicle, so if you are in an area with lots of snow and grit, take the necessary precautions to minimize long term damage.

Address The Smaller Problems Before They Become Big Ones

Things like tire pressure are what you can keep an eye on yourself before they have a chance to become a major issue. The cost of replacing tires is something that you should avoid if you can. And if the engine light comes on, address the issue! It won’t go away.