Gears & Gadgets: Cool Motorcycle Accessories


The motorcycle is the epitome of cool, isn’t it? There’s no argument in the matter. It takes the right kind of person to carry it off effortlessly, and the rest of us just look the much better for it. But there is only so much we can do to pimp our rides. Accessories are a dime a dozen in a car, but there is so much more to kitting out our bikes than just putting in new brake pads. And there’s not just the trendy angle, we all need to be safe when we’re out on the road. What do you need?

Cool Motorcycle AccessoriesA Tool Kit

Yes, we all have a tool kit ready at home, but taking it around in the saddlebag isn’t very practical. There are plenty of pocket tool kits that you can haul around with ease. You can get pocket tool kits that fit right in your pocket that will be a savior when you need to do some tightening.


There aren’t many GPS systems that fit a motorcycle. Garmin Zumo makes a GPS that come with a mount so you can release and connect the unit quickly. The problem with a standard car GPS is the fact that they are sensitive to the touch, which isn’t a luxury you can afford on a motorcycle, but the displays on motorcycle friendly GPS’s are glove friendly.

Tire Repair Kit

It’s the worst nightmare of any biker, breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Having a decent kit of tube and tire repair accessories as well as some small CO2 canisters for reflating a flat tire means you won’t be stranded on the highway for long.

Sound System

On a bike, you say? Definitely. The sound system isn’t just for cars anymore. You can get a portable sound system that fits onto your handlebars so you can roll in style, and it will give you something different to talk about with your biker buddies instead of how long you’ve been growing your beard for.

GoPro Camera

The transportability of the GoPro camera means that we can get action shots of anything that moves now. People attach them to surfboards and their drones, so you can definitely get some amazing Point Of View shots of your journey. You can either fix it to the top, the side of your helmet, or you can fix it to the chin. The other option is to fix it to the handlebars to get as close to the road as you can so you can properly document your journey.

Electric Power Supply

Using gadgets that use up a lot of juice means you need to be able to recharge them. As you can’t plug into a wall socket on the move, there are various adapters such as the Antigravity XP-1 Micro-Start Personal Power Supply has enough energy to start a V8 engine. It also comes with charging adapters and is wonderfully light and compact, which is perfect when it comes to long-haul journeys.