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5 Signs that Your Truck Needs Servicing

On Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Knowing when the right time to service your truck is not rocket science, however in today’s day and age, it sure can feel like it sometimes.

In reality, diagnosing truck problems is not the incredibly impossible task it appears to be. In fact, it’s more of a human thing than you might suspect.


Similar to diagnosing an upset stomach, the first thing you are going to take into consideration is what you ate last and then work from there.

You see, trucks are the same way. The moment you start to feel like something is amiss, it’s time to begin your unofficial prognosis. You need to identify when the problem arose, and what factors led it to come about in the first place.

With this information, you may not be able to make the call and diagnose your truck’s exact problem, however you will likely have enough information on hand to help an experienced mechanic define the problem and its corresponding solution. If case comes to worst, you may need to look up truck sales to buy a new truck.

Much like your body, your vehicle will have sounds and vibrations that make up its rhythm. When this rhythm changes composure, this is the time to start taking notes.

Here we have expanded on some of the more specific issues, sounds, and behaviours which will let you know when it’s time to get your vehicle serviced or fixed.

Will not go into gear

When your truck cannot get into gear no matter how hard you try, it could very well be that your vehicle is lacking the appropriate amount of transmission fluid or that it is not viscose enough to function properly within your transmission. Solution: have your transmission fluid checked.

You smell burning

If your car smells like burnt toast, you may have deeper troubles than car problems, but if it smells like burning chemicalsthen it’s more than likely your transmission fluid again. Often people blame a lack of oil for this burnt smell, but it is almost always transmission fluid.

Squeaking, screeching, nails on a chalk board

When you hear screeching, rhythmic squeaking, and other terrible monotonous sounds, it is likely your brake pads, or the lack thereof. The sound is a result of metal on metal where your brake pads used to be. It’s definitely time to get them looked at.

Vibration while braking

Vibration while breaking or “squishy” non-responsive use of the brake pedals also mean that it’s time to get your brakes serviced. You may have bypassed the awful sounds of failing brake pads, but you have not bypassed the unsafe nature of faulty brake pads!

Steering pulls one way or another

If your steering is pulling one way or the other it could be boiled down to three things: brakes, steering fluid, or your alignment.

If it’s your brakes, your car will pull during braking. If it’s your alignment, that means it pulls all the time, no matter what. And if it’s your steering fluid, it will happen when trying to steer your truck.

If you are ever in doubt of what it could be, don’t feel bad. The fact that you’ve been able to identify anything wrong is probably the most important part –and right behind that by order of importance is acting on it. Most devastating car damages happen when people are fully aware they need to get their vehicle serviced!

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