Research Shows What Frustrates the British Motorists the Most

increasing number of vehicles

Driving on a free road had been a fun activity, but not anymore. Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of vehicles, motorists feel irritated facing  bad driving behaviours and that makes it difficult to stay protected on the road. A recent research conducted by a parking website, Yourparkingspace, indicates the level of irritation motorists feel when they have to deal with driving hurdles like ‘no indication’, ‘use of mobile phones while driving’ and ‘slow driving’ to name a few.

 increasing number of vehicles

The survey company questioned 1,028 motorists in the UK, equally including male and female, about ‘what made them feel most irritated about driving these days?’.

In response, 72 % said ‘not indicating’, is the most annoying habit they come across on UK roads. The second on the list was ‘talking on phone while driving’ with 71% votes.

Seeing that the research was commissioned by the online parking company Yourparkingspace, the focus of the survey was the issues concerning parking.  56% respondents confessed ‘bad parking’ irritated them the most, 48% felt the amount of money they had to pay for parking was outrageous, while for 29%, the parking fees was reasonable. Surprisingly, 20% told the parking was free in their area.

Traffic jams were found to be another major source of irritation for 52% motorist, while 42% were infuriated by slow drivers.

They further found that the response of the motorists regarding parking was largely affected by their location. Motorists living in England were way more frustrated with the parking situation, than those from Scotland as latter have the availability of free parking spaces.

Apart from that, both male and female drivers were equally annoyed by drivers who use cell phones while driving. Texting while driving has caused many fatal accidents in the recent years. Texting distracts you while driving , as you tend to take your hands off the steering wheel and obviously don’t see on the road.

The Managing Director of YourParkingSpace, Harrison Woods shared his views at the end of the survey. He said discovering what angered motorists the most disclosed that using phone while driving and giving no indication are not only irritating but also fatal to other drivers on the road.

Furthermore, he voiced his surprise on the number of people who were infuriated by parking issues, which could be due to the increasing number of bigger vehicles and decreasing number of parking spaces in the major cities of UK.

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