Renault Zoe Was Best-Selling Plug-In Model In Switzerland Last Month

Renault Zoe

With 400 new plug-in electric vehicles registered last month in Switzerland, registrations were up 7%, with year-to-date number now up 40% YoY to 4,346 units.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is benefiting from the ZE 40 version, having registered 105 units. The French hatchback was followed by Opel Ampera-e with 44 units, BMW i3 with 34 registrations.

Tesla is quite popular in this market, with the American brand winning the fourth and fifth place in August (Model X had 32, Model S had 30 deliveries).

In the YTD ranking, Tesla is also the main driving force, with the Model S leading the race with 643 units, followed by the Model X, with 564 deliveries. The Renault Zoe is third, with 527 units registered in 2017.

In the manufacturers ranking, Tesla (28%) is in the first position, followed by BMW (24%), and Renault (12%) in third.