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Proton Reveales Saga Plus, With Additional Five Features At No Extra Charge,

On Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Dubbed as the most popular people’s car in Malaysia and registered more than 500,000 units since its introduction for the past eight years, the second generation Proton Saga continues to be one of the best-selling national models in Malaysia. Many Malaysians have chosen the Saga for its good engine performance, fuel economy, spaciousness, comfort and safety, recognising it as the best value for money in its class.


As such, to continuously provide Malaysians with greater excitement and driving pleasure and fuel economy from an affordable vehicle, PROTON Holdings Berhad (‘PROTON’ or ‘the Company’) today unveiled a new variant of Saga, called the Saga Plus.

Powered by a 1.3 litre Campro IAFM engine and available in manual and CVT transmission, the Saga Plus is priced as low as RM33,242 to RM36,576 per unit. Car buyers can view the new model at all PROTON showrooms from 15 August 2015.

Performed as a replacement to the existing variant Saga SV, the Saga Plus now comes with additional five features at no extra charge, making the car even better value for money. With the introduction, PROTON will streamline the Saga variant by discontinuing the Executive and SE variants in providing more value to consumers.

The Saga Plus features five exterior changes.

The car is fitted with 14” inch alloy rims, a full body kit, spoiler, rear garnish body colour and a ‘Plus’ grade mark.

“The word ‘Plus’ reflects the additional features on the existing Saga SV model. The model carries the exterior of the Saga Executive variant while retaining the SV price bracket. This means that there is no price increase despite having the improved looks,” said Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, Chief Executive of PROTON.

“The Saga Plus design not only appeals to those with a small family but also to youths and young executives who have just entered the employment market. Looking back to its history and performance, the Proton Saga has low cost of ownership for 5 years as compared to its competitors and with this latest addition, the Company is confident that it will continue to pique interest of buyers who are looking for value for money sedan that best fit their requirements,” continued Dato’ Harith.

He added that the latest variant is also a model that was designed to appeal to the younger generation of car buyers who now have the option of owning an entry-level vehicle which offers not only affordable ownership and upkeep, but exceptional performance.

Since the Saga was first launched in 1985, there are already a total of 1.6 million units of Saga on the road. The Saga remains PROTON’s best-selling model to date and one of the top most selling cars in Malaysia. Back in 1985, the Saga acts as a symbol of achievement for the nation, going into an industrial era. It has been replaced with a new line-up equipped with better design, quality, and performance. On average, PROTON sells more than 3,000 units of the Saga per month.

The Saga has also won several prestigious awards since its introduction, which include being named Best Model of the Year in 2009 by Frost & Sullivan, and crowned Best Passenger Car of the Year in 2010, also by Frost & Sullivan. Besides the recognition from Frost & Sullivan, the Saga has also received many accolades like, “Best Compact Car” by Asian Auto-VCA Auto Industry Awards and“Car of the Year 2008” for Entry Level Car by NST-Maybank Car of the Year Awards in 2008; “Car of The Year Award” for Small Sedan/Hatchback Category by AUTOCAR Awards in 2009;

“Best People Car in the Asian Auto Industry” and “The Most Fuel Efficient Car for Small Family” by Ambank Fuel Efficiency Awards in 2011; “Best Value Compact Sedan” and “Best Small Sedan” by NST-Autocar ASEAN 2012 Car of the Year Awards in 2012. In 2013, The Saga FLX received a 3-Star Rating by ASEAN New Car Assessment Programme (ASEAN NCAP) and “Entry Level Compact Car of the Year” by NST/Maybank. Once again, in 2014; Saga SV announced as the victor and received the Debut Model of the Year during Frost and Sullivan Awards.

The Proton Saga Plus is now officially open for booking and is available in five colour choices – Tranquility Black, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Solid White and Elegant Brown – the Saga Plus comes with a three-year or 60,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

To enjoy the promotion of the Saga Plus, customers are encouraged to come to any PROTON showrooms nationwide and test drive the cars. For full details of the latest finance offers please visit PROTON Edar’s

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