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Google Car Boss: Deal With FCA Is Just 100 Minivans

On Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Google and FCA are working together to develop 100 self-driving minivans, but for now, that’s it. So says Google car czar John Krafcik. Google is still talking to other automakers about partnerships,

Google Car
“This is just FCA and Google building 100 cars together,” Krafcik told the wire service at an energy conference in Washington.

The companies won’t expand the project to building an autonomous car, and Google isn’t sharing proprietary technology with FCA. The co-developed vehicles won’t be for sale, Reuters said. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionnehas also reportedly said the deal isn’t exclusive.

FCA and Google announced their landmark partnership earlier this month to make 100 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans with self-driving technology. The deal was hailed as a major step in advancing the technology and bridging the gap between traditional automakers and Silicon Valley.

“Teaming up with Google helps put FCA in a stronger position to compete when it comes to autonomous car research and development, though significant effort remains to introduce this technology into FCA production vehicles,” IHS analyst Colin Bird wrote in a research note.

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