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Artega Comes Back With All-Electric Vehicle Lineup At Frankfurt Motor Show

On Sunday, September 20th, 2015

The time is ready for an Artega sports car with a purely electric drive. The new German electric sports car Artega Scalo entices as a direct successor of the Artega GT by visual refinement and many technical world novelties. It is built in a small series of twelve exclusive vehicles to order.


The idea of developing an Artega as an electric sports car is as old as the brand’s history. Consistent light-weight construction and the modular construction of the chassis make the Artega platform perfect for electric drives. Three prototypes have been built by 2012, but not made it for serial production due to their design.

The purely electric Artega Scalo founds a new tradition. In future, the vehicles of the Artega brand will bear the names of famous racing stallions. Scalo is the first – he was a very special Westphalian stallion, Galloper of the Year in 2010 and trained very near the head office of Artega.

The Artega Scalo has two Voltabox rear-mount high-performance electric motors with a total output of 300 kW (peak output 390 kW) and a 575 ft-lb. It thus outdoes the performance data of its predecessor.

The Artega Scalo accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 3.6 seconds and reaches an electronically limited maximum speed of 155 mph (250 km/h). The two electric motors use the latest technologies right from aerospace and drive the rear axle via a single-stage central gear. Targeted torque vectoring ensures maximum longitudinal and cross-dynamics with the demand-oriented distribution across the drive wheels. The motor mass is only 66 lbs each, which leads to an outstanding performance density of 2.3 kW/lb. The maximum motor speed is at 12,500 rpm, the maximum efficiency at 6,900 rpm is up to 95%. On request, a version with an outstanding efficiency of 98% is available.

The installed battery capacity is in excess of 37 kWh, the nominal voltage is at 411 Volt. For up to 10 seconds, as much as 385 kW electrical output can be demanded. The Artega Scalo has a range of up to 250 mls (400 km). At a charge status below 25%, the power output is limited to 125 mph (200 km) at most for the sake of a better remaining range, however. The battery set has its own cooling circuit. The power electronics and the two electric motors have a second shared cooler. This way, all system components work at their respective best working points.

With a 64 kW DC quick charge, it is possible to charge the battery completely in less than one hour. The maximum charge output of the Voltabox on-board charger at the three-phase current connection is 22 kW, which corresponds to a charging duration of approx. two hours. At the AC grid with a 16A household socket, it takes approx. ten hours.

Artega Karo The New German Electric Fun Mobile

The Artega brand enters a new vehicle type with the Artega Karo. The road-and-free-time car has a purely electric drive and combines the benefits of ATVs, jet skis and motor scooters. The Artega Karo is a concept vehicle that is prepared for serial production.

The racing-car-like chassis of the Artega Karo, in connection with the direct power of the electric motor, provides a driving experience that exceeds the proverbial “karting feel”. At the same time, the vehicle offers a special feature: Beautifully shaped leg shields with integrated reinforcement of high-strength steel improve splash water protection and side impact protection. The Artega Karo can be charged easily. The charger and charging cable with a protective plug are on board – as if it was a vacuum cleaner.

At a length of 81.7 inches and a width of 51.2 inches, the Artega Karo is very compact. Including the battery pack, it weighs only 705 lbs. The load-bearing structure of the vehicle is made up for the front-axle module, the battery container, and the rear axle module. This modular build was specifically developed for efficient serial production and maintenance-friendliness. The double steel crosslinks are attached to the front and rear module each. The rear module additionally has the motor, gearbox, and differential integrated.

The specifically formed aluminium profile of the middle module contains and secures the battery pack. The water-cooled synchronous motor has a rated speed of 4,340 rpm and an efficiency of up to 92%. Four effective disc brakes ensure the required deceleration. Thanks to the highly efficient lithium ion battery on nickel-manganese-cobalt basis (nominal voltage 103 Volt), the Artega Karo has a range of up to 50 miles.

The maximum energy stored is 5.3 kWh; the integrated 3 kW-charger needs no more than 2.5 hours to recharge at the household socket. The modern digital display of the paragon brand “Kienzle” provides information on everything. The Artega Karo offers different motor outputs that are aligned with the drivers’ license and insurance structure in Germany.

The basic version has 4 kW and falls into the EG class L6e-A. It only requires a driver’s license of the class AM, which can be acquired at the age of 16. The speed is then electronically limited to 28 mph (45 km/h) at most. With a driver’s license of class B, drivers from 18 years onwards can drive the middle version of the Artega Karo according to EG-class L7e-A. The motor output here is limited to 15 kW. The maximum speed is 50 mph (80 km/h). The top model with a motor output of 17 kW (peak output 38 kW) and a torque of 100 Nm accelerates from 0 to 50 mph in less than 5 seconds. The maximum speed is at 65 mph (105 km/h). This vehicle of the EC class M1/N1 (passenger car) also requires the driver’s license of class B.

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