Acura Confirms More 2016 NSX Details

Acura 2016 NSX

Acura served up a slew of engineering details about the soon-to-launch 2016 NSX. Fittingly, they were explained at a dinner at the SAE International World Congress in Detroit, where morsels about the new Acura supercar were likely gobbled up quicker than the main course. Among the highlights:

Acura 2016 NSX

The NSX will mark Acura’s first use of a multimaterial space frame, and it includes high-strength steel and aluminum. This will allow the NSX to hit its weight targets, while maintaining rigidity.

The NSX uses a so-called “ablation” technology, which allows the ultra-rigid castings to be used within the car’s crush zones. For more details on this, scroll through the press blast below.

As expected, the NSX will pack a twin-turbo V6 engine, and Acura confirmed it will displace 3.5 liters. The unit will be mounted amidships and team with hybrid components to increase performance and efficiency. The supercar also features the most advanced evolution of Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system, and it’s capable of distributing more torque than any other setup the brand has used.

The NSX has 10 air-cooled heat exchangers that will cool the powertrain, and the V6 alone will have three radiators. There are also twin intercoolers in the side air intakes that further cool the system.

The next generation of the NSX was unveiled in January at the Detroit Auto Show, and production launches this fall in Ohio.