2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Quick Spin

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

Once upon a time, SUVs were designed to go off road first and do everything else second. The main job of the Series Land Rovers and Jeep CJ line was to reach the world’s most extreme places in the most difficult conditions. The fact that they could carry a bunch of people was a bonus.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

The evolution of the SUV came when more and more consumers fell in love with high-riding vehicles and companies realized they could make serious profits marketing and selling SUVs and car-based crossovers. With that, we got vehicles like the the Ford Explorer and Honda CR-V – products that delivered a high ride height and spacious interior, but offered limited off-road ability. Even the Land Rovers and Jeeps began to change, offering better driving dynamics, more cosseting rides, and improved fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, however, kicks it old school. Even though it’s been freshened for 2016, it’s an uncompromising reminder of what SUVs used to be; it’s a flawed but utterly capable piece of engineering that will take you anywhere you can dream.